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Going to Outsource React.js Development? Read This First.

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Just imagine: more than a million websites are using React.js, and this number is expected to grow by 0.5% annually. Launched by Facebook in 2013, this web development framework immediately became a bestseller in the front-end market. Top players using it include PayPal, Facebook, and Airbnb to name just a few.

Why is React.js so popular? Should you join the rest of the gang? And how can you capitalize fully on its benefits? You’ll find all the answers here. 

We are a software development company with 8 years of experience in JavaScript development. React is our core technology and hundreds of clients outsource React development to us.

Why Is React.js a Good Choice?

The demand for React.js development is enormous. If you enter “React.js developer” at Indeed, you’ll find more than a thousand results. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise. React.js has tons of advantages with JSX, reusable components, Virtual DOM, SEO-friendliness, and React Developer Τοοls being at the top of the list. Let’s explore each of these in detail. 

Why Is React.js a Good Choice?

JavaScript eXtension (JSX)

JSX is an optional extension to JavaScript. Simply put, it allows using HTML quoting to write React.createElement. With JSX, you can create your own components that contain large tree structures without typos, as well as render HTML mockups to ReactElement trees more easily. You can also prevent code injections thanks to informative error and warning messages.

Reusable system components 

Since app components are usually interconnected, installing updates can be challenging – making changes to one of them can affect all the rest. To this end, the ability to re-use system components is considered to be one of the key reasons why React.js is so popular. This feature quickens coding, testing, and maintenance, while ensuring a consistent look throughout the website. In fact, its component structure answers the question as to why all Walmart trademarks have the same image carousel, payment forms, or even bread crumbs. 

Virtual DOM

The document object model (DOM) is tree-structured, which means even the smallest changes in the upper layer can affect the entire system and cause annoying bottlenecks. With Virtual DOM, you can apply changes on the go, thus ensuring stellar performance and seamless user experience even for heavy-load solutions.


It’s no secret – most search engines fail to read Javascript. Luckily, React.js can address this issue with the help of server-side rendering, which enables search engine bots to read your app and index it as a regular HTML-webpage. Thus, with React.js, even JavaScript-heavy applications can be visible to search engine spiders. 

React Developer Tools 

React.js comes with a helpful developer toolset called React Developer Tools. It’s a browser extension that aids developers in observing and inspecting components, discovering parent and child elements, and creating bug-free applications. 

It goes without saying, React.js has everything you need to develop a scalable, highly performant, and large-scale web solution in a quick and cost-efficient manner. However, all these benefits are nothing without a React.js team full of skilled experts who know how to use React for enterprise application development

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Why Should You Outsource React.js?

The value of React.js is hard to overestimate. For this reason, hiring React.js developers to become a part of your in-house team might seem like a logical decision. Well, to some extent, it’s true. But the best way to capitalize on Facebook’s brainchild is to outsource React.js development to an offshore vendor.

Wider talent pool

With outsourcing, you are not limited to specific geography. This means, for example, if tax rates in your country are too high or there are no suitable experts in your region, you can solve this problem easily by expanding your search. 

Besides, depending on your situation, you can hire an individual developer or an entire team of developers, managers, business analysts, and so on. When hiring an outsourced team, you can be sure you are hiring experts that are comfortable working together. This approach leads to fewer misunderstandings and allows issues to be resolved in a timely manner. 

Scaling flexibility 

When it comes to tech, competition can be unpredictable leaving you unsure what your project will require from day to day. For example, a new opportunity may arise and you want to speed up the development process with more experts. However, hiring additional talents in the middle of a project is not easy and can hinder the entire workflow if it takes too long. 

At the same time, you may find you overestimated the project and hired more developers than needed. In this case, asking people to leave may be challenging.

Outsourcing gives you more flexibility when it comes to project scaling. You can easily scale your React.js team up and down on the go with no aftermath. 

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Building a team of in-house React.js developers won’t be favorable to your pocket — just think of hiring and onboarding costs, office rent, electricity bills, and beyond. Hiring a ready-made offshore React development team for your project is much more cost-effective. 

Besides, outsourcing abroad can cut your development costs even more. For example, while Swiss developers make on average $125 000 per year, a senior Ukrainian React.js developer will cost you a bit over $20 000. 

annual average salary of react.js developers worldwide

Low tax rates is another argument in favor of outsourcing abroad. While in some countries, business managers have to pay at least 50% overhead, Ukraine’s rate is only 5%, which is 10 times lower.

Possibility of shifting focus on core tasks 

High costs is not the only reason companies increasingly outsource. Building an in-house team also implies staying in touch with employees constantly, resolving corporate issues, and loads of paperwork associated with employee contracts, salaries, financial statements, and tax returns. Meanwhile, keeping up with competitors requires immense focus and concentration, leaving no room for corporate headaches. 

Outsourcing lets you delegate administrative and management tasks to a reliable partner while dedicating your time and effort to business tasks. This ensures exceptional end product quality and reduces time-to-market manifold. 

How to Hire Dedicated Software React.js Developers?

global developers population how many software developers are in the world

As shown above, assembling an offshore React.js development team is a sure-fire way to capitalize fully on the framework. But here’s the rub: according to Evans Data Corporation, there were 24 million software developers as at the end of 2019, and this number is growing. So, how can you decide?

Well, if you need a reliable and flexible partner who can deliver a high-quality product in a cost-effective manner, look no further than Relevant Software  — a Ukrainian software development vendor that’s been providing business owners from all over the world with skilled engineers for over 7 years.

If you need to hire a dedicated React.js developer for your project, reach out to us. We’ll provide you with up to 5 experts who can start immediately. Our set-up process is the following: 

  1. Our first step is gathering requirements, including information on project essentials, tech needs, team size, deadlines, the desired workflow, and whatever else we need to bring your idea to life the way you see it.
  2. Based on your needs, we’ll assemble a team of experts who can start working immediately. If we don’t have suitable talents at hand, we’ll make up for it within 1 month. However, if you need talents immediately, our talent acquisition experts will fill the resource gap within 1 week. 
  3. When it comes to talent selection, there are two options: we provide you with the necessary material so you can select talents yourself, or we cover all routine tasks. We choose candidates based on their skills, experiences, and English language proficiency. Then, we cherry-pick the most suitable to interview with you. 
  4. After the interview process is complete, we’ll smoothly integrate the selected experts into your in-house team. If possible, we strongly recommend meeting them in-person at your or ours.
  5. Just like regular employees, the selected specialists are fully under your control. The only exception is, we handle all non-business tasks.

As you can see, the set-up process at Relevant Software is seamless. So, if you are currently looking for React.js developers, contact us today to see our experts’ CVs. 

Some Companies We Helped to Outsource React.js Development? 

At Relevant Software, we help companies build world-class software by providing skilled middle- and senior-level engineers. To date, we have over 200 successful projects and happy clients under our belt. When it comes to React.js software development, we pride ourselves in the following projects: 


Airthings is a Norway-based company that has been bringing indoor radon monitoring products to the market since 2008. Relevant Software assisted them with implementing a solution that displays air quality data around the globe. For this project, we assembled a dedicated team of developers (including React.js ones for front-end). As a result, we built a dashboard to track indoor air quality through Airthings devices and an interactive map to show their location.


GommeHD is a web portal and online game store for one of the biggest Minecraft servers. Our dedicated team of experts (including React.js developers) transformed GommeHD.net into a fully-featured web portal with a clean, modern design and tight integration with the GommeHD web server’s API. We updated the system, as well, to handle high user traffic and provide a secure user experience. 


FirstHomeCoach is an app that helps UK users buy property and find trusted advisors to help them with all the legalities. To build this product, we selected a tech stack, designed the app’s security and architecture, and built the entire system from scratch. As a result, the client received a robust app with a security-driven architecture, a custom recommendation engine that analyzes loads of data to tailor an individual property buying path, a mortgage calculator, and a deposit builder. 

These are just a few of our many accomplishments. If you want to learn more about our projects, you can find all the necessary information here.  

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With clean documentation, reusability capabilities, and great support, React.js is undoubtedly one of the most popular frameworks both for web and app development. The best way to maximize on its capabilities is by hiring a reliable offshore React.js development vendor. 

Yet, with the limitless number of options available, it’s easy to get lost. Looking for companies with a proven track record of successful projects is highly recommended. For example, you can try Relevant Software, a company that provided high-end remote software development services before it became mainstream. During 7 years, we’ve completed more than 200 projects and are keeping the bar high. That said, if you have an idea that needs implementation, look no further — contact us right away!

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