Relevant Software has been building software remotely with flair and passion even before it became mainstream.

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At the heart of our software development company is a diverse and dynamic team of senior software engineers, designers, and strategists who share a common goal: to create world-class software that sets your business apart. Our people are not just tech gurus but also creative thinkers and problem solvers committed to understanding your unique challenges and delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

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Meet Relevant Software’s team

When diverse minds, genuine passion, and cutting-edge technology converge, that's where the magic unfolds. Our team is a vibrant ensemble of dedicated professionals who bring their unique perspectives and creativity to the table, all in the pursuit of delivering remarkable experiences. Together, we drive innovation, transforming challenges into opportunities and building digital masterpieces focusing on the genuine needs of our clients and end-users. Let us turn your ideas into reality, one pixel and line of code at a time.

Meet Relevant Software’s team

Our mission

We are a trusted partner in software development by meeting our customers' business needs with talent, engineering excellence, and relevant technology.

Our mission

Our vision

To be the leading and a relevant tech consulting company that solves deep-tech industry challenges in any future that awaits us.

Our vision

Our values

Excellence as a benchmark
The highest quality service and its outcome is our priority, and we aim to achieve this through technical and operational excellence.
Pushing professional limits
We are always hungry for more, never fully satisfied with our achievements and strive to exceed our professional expectations in everything we do.
We encourage proactive communication, curiosity, and a mindset of never giving up. Our employees speak up, show innovation, and accept responsibility.
Business orientation
We are responsible for the end result, the client's satisfaction, and success. We all play as part of one team, dedicated to one goal - company growth.

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