Updating a web portal for one of the largest Minecraft servers

Client & product
GommeHD is a server for Minecraft, the best-selling video game of all time. It’s one of the largest Minecraft servers in Europe and definitely the largest in Germany. GommeHD.net is the web portal for this server. There, players can communicate, purchase in-game equipment from the store, see their stats, compare ranks, and receive support. It’s the official hub for the GommeHD community.
The platform integrates with Minecraft servers through API that is highly sophisticated and has complex authorization mechanisms. Due to the number of concurrent GommeHD users varies widely, and the system needed to be able to easily handle high user traffic. Account data and other confidential information transmitted from game servers needed to be secured and protected from data leaks.
Job done
Our business analyst discussed the scope of the project with our client and helped to create specifications, requirements, and technical tasks. We transformed GommeHD.net into a mature, full-featured web portal with a clean, modern design and tight integration with the GommeHD game server’s API. After testing several content management systems for the forum, our developers recommended Xenforo for this task. It’s a minimalist, flexible, and well-optimized platform for online communities. As for the game store, our developers created a completely custom solution, which allowed us to simplify the interface, streamline payment processes, and make the store easier to manage.

Implemented features

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Universal accounts

Users can access GommeHD.net with the same accounts used on the game servers.

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Real-time statistics

GommeHD.net pulls real-time stats from GommeHD’s Minecraft servers and displays them in a series of charts. Users can access leaderboards and their personal and clan stats.

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Custom store

We designed a completely custom store for in-game items. Compared to existing solutions, it’s more lightweight and easier to use.

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Scalable forum

Xenforo is a minimalist, highly scalable forum solution. We slightly customized it to fit GommeHD’s design.

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Standardized help desk

All support tickets are submitted to the Help.com ticket system, where they’re automatically assigned to free support specialists.


Social hub

Users have personal profiles, news feeds, approval scores, achievements, and statistics. Social profiles are connected to in-game profiles.

GommeHD received a new web portal that serves as the community hub and provides several long-awaited features:
  • Users can now communicate with their fellow gamers using their in-game accounts.
  • Players can keep an eye on server statistics and other users’ in-game stats with a simple web interface.
  • GommeHD admins have an easy, centralized way to communicate with the community and share important information.





Client’s feedback

Christoph Renk
Founder & CEO of GommeHD
The reason we worked with Relevant Software is because they were very proactive about getting information from us. They worked on structuring everything and told us what they needed so we could provide it to them. Relevant Software provide attention to detail and have an increased level of ownership of a project. When they take on a project, they do it like it’s their own. What we like about Relevant Software is that we actually use their software because it works.

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