Our Software Product Development Services Are Perfect Fit for

Budding startups in search of a dedicated tech team

Gain skilled technical professionals
within days to establish
and grow your startup.

Budding startups in search of a dedicated tech team

Companies entering the market with their own product

Access tech expertise and all essential resources
required for a successful product launch.

Companies entering the market with their own product

Enterprises seeking digital transformation

Achieve a seamless digital transition by

partnering with experienced industry professionals.

Enterprises seeking digital transformation

What happens after you opt for our digital product development services

  1. 1

    Analysis & assessment

    We attentively listen to your project vision, desired functionalities, and the goals your product aims to achieve.

    Requirement collection. Schedule a discussion with our business analyst to outline the product features.

    Exploration. We examine the market and your business model to pinpoint the latest and most fitting technological solutions.

    Preliminary estimation. Our business analyst provides an initial estimation of the required time and budget to kickstart your project.


    • Business analyst consultation
    • Idea viability assessment
    • Approximate project estimation
    Analysis & assessment

  2. 2

    Preparation / Groundwork

    This crucial stage of product development involves consolidating all features, establishing priorities, and creating a detailed timeline. Additionally, we determine the most suitable architecture and technology stack for your project.

    Workshop. We accurately assess your concepts and potential risks, prioritize key features, and gather valuable expert insights.

    Roadmap. A well-defined roadmap offers a transparent view of the development process, clarifying present and future steps.

    Technology selection & architecture. Our team determines the optimal technologies and architectural framework for your project to prevent future refactoring.


    • Comprehensive sitemap
    • Structured information architecture
    • Strategic development plan
    • Optimal tech stack & architecture
    • Finalized and customized proposal
    Preparation / Groundwork

  3. 3

    Product visualization

    Through user research and tests, we define how the final product will function and look like so users get value effortlessly and enjoy using it.

    Leveraging user insights and thorough testing, we shape the final product to ensure users can derive value seamlessly and relish their experience.

    User Experience (UX). Our designers orchestrate smooth user interactions, facilitating a fast and natural accomplishment of their purpose.

    User Interface (UI). We thoroughly design the definitive visual aspect of the software, honing in on intricate nuances and micro-interactions.

    Brand uniqueness. Our experts refine your company’s identity components, fostering a striking and unforgettable brand image.


    • Bespoke identity design
    • Detailed style guide
    • Engaging wireframes
    • Purposeful prototype
    • Refined UI design mockups
    Product visualization

  4. 4

    Development & implementation

    During this stage, our skilled engineers bring your software to life, using the specified technology stack and adhering to the confirmed UX and UI designs.

    Data & cloud infrastructure. Our developers establish the foundation for data storage, APIs, and cloud computing services.

    Front-end development. We design responsive and high-performance interfaces to ensure an exceptional user experience.

    Back-end development. Our specialists build the underlying system that governs the software’s core functionality.


    • Responsive website design
    • Robust back-end code
    • Optimized databases
    • Tailored APIs
    Development & implementation

  5. 5

    Quality assurance & validation

    Our QA experts conduct both automated and manual testing to maintain the integrity of the code and deliver a seamless user experience by preventing bugs.

    Automated testing. We boost deployment capabilities and minimize regression risks with automated code testing.

    Manual Quality Assurance. Hands-on product inspections ensure smooth functionality and an optimal user experience.

    Security evaluation. We safeguard your product against potential vulnerabilities, backdoors, or data breaches.


    • Automated testing framework
    • User experience testing
    • Custom test scripts
    • Comprehensive security assessment
    Quality assurance & validation

  6. 6

    Launch & support

    We help you bring your product to life and are eager to support its continued growth. To boost deployment capabilities, we establish continuous integration and delivery, ensuring your product evolves seamlessly.

    CI/CD. With the help of automatic code checks, we accelerate the software delivery pace, ensuring your product is polished and ready for action.

    Cloud and app stores. We establish a cloud platform for your website and fine-tune the app for its hassle-free release on the app stores.

    Ongoing improvement. Our team works with you to ensure your product stays up-to-date with user feedback and remains relevant in the ever-changing technology landscape.


    • Software source code and build files
    • Evaluation of the product’s functionality and performance  
    • User feedback
    • Maintenance and support
    Launch & support

How our software product development company differs

Success cases

Reducing paperwork for construction companies
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What are product development services?

Product development service encompasses a suite of specialized offerings aimed at transforming your innovative ideas into tangible, market-ready products. These services integrate expertise in design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing to create a seamless process that caters to the specific needs of your unique project.

With a customer-centric approach, product development services companies collaborate closely with clients, ensuring their vision is brought to life efficiently and effectively, paving the way for commercial success.

What are the 5 stages of product development?

The 5 stages of product development are your roadmap to transforming your idea into a winning product:

  1. Idea Generation is about discovering innovative solutions through brainstorming and market research.
  2. Concept Development involves evaluating and refining the most promising ideas based on feasibility and market potential.
  3. Design & Engineering encompasses the development of detailed product specifications, blueprints, and visualizations.
  4. Prototyping & Testing implies the creation of digital prototypes, performance assessment, and design fine-tuning.
  5. Production & Launch is the final stage where product development companies finalize code, perform rigorous quality assurance, and deploy the software.
What is full-cycle product development?

Full-cycle product development is an all-encompassing service that guides your project from idea conception to successful market launch. A digital product development company like Relevant Software applies this holistic approach to ensure seamless integration of all stages, including idea generation, concept development, design & engineering, prototyping & testing, and production & launch.

With full-cycle development, you benefit from a cohesive, collaborative process that maximizes efficiency, reduces risks, and ultimately leads to a high-quality, market-ready product.

What happens after the software is delivered? Who handles support and maintenance?

Once the software is delivered, rest assured that we've got your back! Many of our clients choose to continue our partnership for ongoing support, maintenance, and optimization. So as a tech partner, you can rely on us, we're here to help you with new feature development, enhancements, and any technical assistance you may need. We'll ensure your software evolves and thrives in the ever-changing market landscape.

How easy is communication, and how do I monitor my project's progress?

Our skilled engineers are proficient in English and adapt to your preferred communication tools, like Slack or Google Meet. We employ Jira and Agile methodologies for project management, allowing you to effortlessly track progress both visually and through regular team meetings. With our custom software development services and smooth communication, staying in the loop and ensuring your project's success is a breeze.

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