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Hire AWS developers for your project. Develop on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs on a metered pay-as-you-go-basis quickly and technically correct.

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Client testimonials

«We now have a core team of engineers at Relevant who work for us full-time and are supplemented by 4 or 5 engineers with different skillsets when and if required.»

Paul Carse
CTO and Co-founder of Life Moments

“Working with you guys has been fantastic. The level of expertise of your development team is as good as the people that we get in the UK. You’ve got a fantastic talent base of programmers. It’s more challenging to find people of that quality in the UK.”

Cassian Harrison
Co-founder of Splink Industries and My Theory Test App by James May
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Hire AWS developers in 4 steps

1. Describe your need

Tell us more about your project and how many AWS cloud developers you need to hire. Indicate their competencies and their level of experience. Another important thing is to mention the most convenient workflow for you.

2. Review candidates

We, at Relevant, select the best AWS developers for hire and send you their CVs to review and decide who suits best for your project.

3. Finalize your choice

Finally, once you decide on Amazon Web Services developers, we'll help them quickly integrate into your project. You can also choose the style and management tools you used to approach.

4. Begin development

Relevant will help you quickly hire Amazon developers and manage the development process. Thus, you save time and money searching for Amazon Web Services developers and reaching your goals.

AWS services Relevant developers are skilled at:
  • • Developing API using AWS API gateway
  • • AWS management services
  • • Ascertaining the prowess of DevOps Serverless Application with AWS Lambda
  • • Building mobile and web applications using AWS Amplify
  • • AWS security and governance
  • • AWS CodeCommit & AWS CodeDeploy
  • • AWS Machine Learning and AI
  • • AWS monitoring and logging
  • • Ops and code deployment services
  • • AWS storage and data management
  • • Building Containerized Applications on AWS
  • • Debugging
  • • Understanding of the AWS Software Development Kit (SDK)

Why is Relevant an excellent choice for hiring AWS developers?


Agile methodology

Using an agile methodology, we can cope with the dynamics of the software development process, both in terms of software design and engineering.


Dedicated project manager

Relevant provides project managers to control of the workflow process. You'll get pros who have project knowledge and work with AWSdevelopers.


80% employee retention rate

Sharply constructed teamwork and experienced team leaders allow the specialist to be interested in developing and retaining a stable workforce.


9/10 client satisfaction score

In addition to a quality selection of AWS developers for hire, our customers also set high standards of service and communication.


92% of senior and middle engineers

As development requires fast and constructive solutions, we work with AWS developers with high knowledge and experience.


Risk handling

We are reliable business development partners, as we are constantly evolving and improving risk management methods and tools.

Our success cases

Reducing paperwork for construction companies
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Building a platform for the UK's leading sports medicine service provider
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Engagement models

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How many AWS developers can I hire from Relevant?

There is no magic number. The number of AWSdevelopers to hire will depend on your project need. You can hire as many AWS developers as you require. Therefore, you can start with 1 to whatever number you need.

How to hire AWS developers?

A successful development team requires a good plan, patience, and talent, so pay attention to these four stages:

  1. Outline your requirements. Before hiring AWS developers, determine what you want to run on AWS, what features, and how many developers you need.
  2. Determine your needs. Include all the specific skill sets you'd like to see in the resume.
  3. Evaluate your candidate. Prepare a checklist of evaluation parameters to hire a certified AWS developer with outstanding professionals.
  4. Contact Relevant.
What industries in business do you work with?

Hiring AWS developers remotely and other pros specializing in development for different industries allows us to blur the boundaries and faster function. We have experience developing websites, tools, apps, and platforms for different industries, including Fintech, IoT, Real Estate, Retail, Construction, and Travel.

Who has the authority over the code after the project is completed?

The contract you sign with Relevant states that all code authority passes to the business owner. You get full access to your project, including content, design, and code.

What do you do to protect customer data? Do you sign an NDA for each project?

Cyberattacks happen to everyone, and cybersecurity is vital. We understand that significant data leaks, especially those related to users' data, can irreparably damage a company's image, causing customers to lose faith in its ability to keep their confidential information secure. Therefore, we understand the data's value and sign the NDA before the project is initiated.

To protect the data of third-party contractors, we:

  • Divide IT and Security departments
  • Have an internal technical safety team
  • Keep technology and security needs up to date as threats evolve and evolve.
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