Dedicated team

Hire expert developers fast and easy

Our services include:

  • 5-step talent selection process
  • Staffing in under 1 month
  • Developers onboarding
  • Administration (office, administration, operational HR, accounting)
How many developers do you need?
How long for?
Product development

Outsource your software project

Our services include:

  • UI design
  • Web & mobile development
  • Product management
  • Quality assurance
  • DevOps and Cloud
What goal are you pursuing?
Your project platform:
Idea validation

Safely test your product idea

Our services include:

  • POC development to validate if your idea is feasible
  • Prototype development to visualize how your future product will function
  • MVP development to gain first users, measure and improve
  • Product scaling
Is your project idea finalized?
How do you want to validate your idea?

Our clients about us:

Ole Jørgen Næss
Ole Jørgen Næss
VP of Product and Engineering at Svenn
We had the challenge to find a trustworthy outsourcing company that we could rely on. Previous attempts ended badly and we needed to find a company that had the skills, good communication and was fair on price. We chose Relevant Software because we felt that they understood our business needs.
Paul Carse
Paul Carse
CTO at Life Moments Ltd
We needed a flexible, reliable partner that could turn our idea into reality, one who could quickly provide a team of experts that could design and build our product and infrastructure. Meeting with some of the Relevant team in London, we were impressed by their approach.

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