HL7 FHIR Implementation Service

Achieve interoperability through Relevant Software's HL7 FHIR services. From expert consultancy to seamless FHIR-compliant RESTful API integration, our expertise guarantees robust FHIR-supported medical platforms.


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«We now have a core team of engineers at Relevant who work for us full-time and are supplemented by 4 or 5 engineers with different skillsets when and if required.»

Paul Carse
CTO and Co-founder of Life Moments

“Working with you guys has been fantastic. The level of expertise of your development team is as good as the people that we get in the UK. You’ve got a fantastic talent base of programmers. It’s more challenging to find people of that quality in the UK.”

Cassian Harrison
Co-founder of Splink Industries and My Theory Test App by James May
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Our Key HL7 FHIR Services

FHIR Implementation and Integration

We provide healthcare facilities with FHIR implementation and integration, aligning disparate systems and workflows under a universal standard. Our solutions facilitate seamless interoperability by transmitting and interlinking diverse data structures.

FHIR API Development

We design custom FHIR APIs, facilitating healthcare providers in standardizing their data exposure and functionalities to external services while maintaining secure and regulated data access.

FHIR Data Modeling and Mapping

Our expertise lies in aligning pre-existing data structures with FHIR resources and code systems, ensuring data conformity to FHIR's standardized model, thereby helping healthcare organizations effectively utilize their data.

FHIR Server Implementation

Our team expertly implements FHIR servers tailored to your organization's unique needs, encompassing scalability, security, and high-performance considerations for optimal data storage and management.

FHIR Data Exchange and Interoperability

Our bespoke solutions foster seamless data exchange and interoperability across various healthcare systems, applications, and devices. Also, they support real-time data synchronization and enable efficient care coordination across healthcare settings.

FHIR Security and Privacy

Understanding the sensitivity of healthcare data, we guarantee that our FHIR implementations comply with rigorous security and privacy standards, including access control, encryption mechanisms, audit trails, and compliance with regulations such as HIPAA.

FHIR Analytics and Reporting

We employ FHIR data for advanced analytics and reporting, delivering solutions for data extraction, transformation, and analysis, empowering organizations to derive meaningful insights, recognize trends, and bolster decision-making processes.

FHIR Consultancy and Advisory Services

We extend consultancy and advisory services, guiding organizations throughout the FHIR implementation process, including system assessment, strategic planning, and ongoing support.

Other FHIR Services We Provide
  • • Care Plan Management
  • • Diagnostic Report Integration
  • • Clinical Notes Management
  • • Health Information Exchange
  • • Population Health Management
  • • Billing and Claims Processing
  • • Disease Management
  • • Medical Imaging Integration
  • • Health Analytics
  • • Secure Messaging
  • • Preventative Care Management
  • • Genomic Data Integration

Benefits of Adopting Our HL7 FHIR Implementation Service


Improved Patient Engagement

HL7 FHIR standard empowers users with convenient access to and management of their health data. This active participation promotes improved care outcomes and patient satisfaction.


Streamlined Data Exchange Processes

Through FHIR-enabled solutions, we transform the data exchange process into a streamlined, real-time experience. Our advanced data mapping techniques eliminate redundancies, ensuring health information is readily accessible.


Enhanced Data Integrity and Interoperability

Our HL7 FHIR implementation service guarantees data consistency and interoperability across platforms. We utilize standardized data formats and terminologies for a unified view of patient data, bolstering reliability and smooth system interactions.


Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Experience efficiency like never before with our FHIR services. We enhance productivity by making patient data easily accessible and manageable. Optimizing workflows enables healthcare providers to prioritize patient care over administrative tasks.


Better Decision Support

Our FHIR solutions provide real-time access to comprehensive patient data, equipping healthcare providers to make evidence-based decisions. The result is improved patient care, optimal resource use, and enhanced health outcomes.


Data Security and Privacy

We employ stringent security measures such as OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect protocol for secure and private data transactions. Our adherence to FHIR's consent framework ensures respect for patient privacy rights and compliance with current industry regulations.

Success cases

Facilitating the ordering of custom prostheses and orthotics
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Building a platform for the UK's leading sports medicine service provider
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FAQ About FHIR Healthcare Service

What are the prerequisites for implementing FHIR?

Implementing FHIR effectively demands proficiency in healthcare data standards and IT infrastructure. Essential skills include JSON and XML programming and RESTful API familiarity. Also, a comprehensive understanding of healthcare systems and legal data norms is non-negotiable.

How secure is the data transferred via FHIR?

By utilizing OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect protocols, FHIR ensures secure authentication and authorization, effectively safeguarding sensitive health information during transmission.

How does FHIR support patient privacy rights?

FHIR supports patient privacy rights by endorsing granular control over data sharing and respecting patients' preferences regarding information disclosure. FHIR's Consent resource can record patients' permissions, providing a mechanism to control and track access to personal health data.

What does FHIR stand for in healthcare?

FHIR, standing for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, is a revolutionary healthcare standard that establishes a coherent framework for data exchange. It empowers both healthcare providers and patients, supporting privacy rights through detailed control over data dissemination and respecting individual preferences.

How to create communication according to the FHIR standard?

It's simple. FHIR uses RESTful APIs and CRUD operations to enable communication. It uses standard HTTP protocols, and data is encoded in either JSON or XML for consistency.

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