Facilitating the ordering of custom prostheses and orthotics

Client & product
Our client was a Norwegian software development company Itera, which we provided with staff augmentation services to build mobile apps for Össur. Össur company has been manufacturing and selling prosthetics and non-invasive orthopaedics equipment since 1971. The company has several mobile apps, two of which we helped to build. The SmartMeasure app guides doctors step by step through the entire knee brace selection, measurement, and ordering process. The Össur Custom Solutions App supports ordering of lower-limb prosthetic sockets and custom liners. The Custom Solutions app is equipped with a Structure 3D scanner to scan transtibial limbs and create customized orders.
Our iOS developers were hired to enhance and rewrite some parts of the old applications. A crucial task was to ensure smooth and reliable migration of user data after the apps were updated. Moreover, both apps had to work in offline mode, which was an interesting task for us.
Job done
We smoothly integrated into the ongoing work of the Itera team. During Scrum sprints, we refactored code, built requested features, and wrote documentation on the go. User data was successfully migrated between app versions by synchronizing databases. When in offline mode, the apps store data locally until it can be sent to the server.

Implemented features


Knee brace selection

Doctors can select a suitable type of Össur braces for their patients in the Smart Measure app.


Patient data

Patients can fill out personal information with ease to create personalized orders.



The app can measure important parameters of a patient’s knee to customize braces.


Össur Custom Solution

The Össur Custom Solutions app helps users order new lower-limb prosthetic sockets and custom liners.


Order creation

Users can easily send orders for knee braces and prosthetics to the Össur office.


3D scanning

The Custom Solutions app uses a 3D scanner to scan transtibial limbs to get measurements for customized prosthetic sockets and liners.

App architecture

Application side

When a user interacts with either of the Össur apps, all data is first saved locally by MS Azure Manager so it isn’t lost in offline mode. When the app is online, the data can be pushed to the Azure App Service and stored in an Azure database.

Server side

On the server, Azure App Service securely stores any unstructured data like images and 3D models in Blob Storage and stores order information in a database.

Manufacturing side

Order data is automatically pulled from the database and sent to the ERP system by App Services. From there, the order is fulfilled by customer support and passed to the manufacturing team.

Scanning and electronic ordering save days of time and lots of money compared to traditional casting and shipping. The digitalization of data and offline mode provided by the Össur apps greatly increases the performance of doctors.

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