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Petro Diakiv, Delivery Manager at RELEVANT SOFTWARE

Petro Diakiv,
Delivery Manager

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Redesign and Improvement of Web Platform for Content Creation and Management

  • Location: Canada
  • Industry: IoT
Node JS
Node JS
Client & product

Our client is a Canadian-based company that offers research and development (R&D) services for third parties. As an R&D company, they strive to solve real-world needs through innovative tech solutions, particularly next-generation AI. One of their noteworthy products is a new kind of robotic system that contributes to people’s well-being. The aim of this social robot with the capacity for empathy is to create meaningful connections with people and become a reliable 24/7 companion for people in different everyday situations.

This product is multifaceted and involves multiple disciplines, along with hardware and software components. Among these, the company sought the expertise of Relevant Software to improve their web app. Part of the robotic system, it’s a platform for creating, editing, and managing the content for a robot to play.


The company approached us to redevelop and improve their existing platform for content management, as it was clunky and outdated. They also wanted to redesign the web app because the UI/UX was difficult to use, which resulted in a frustrating experience for content creators. So, the main goal was to create a more user-friendly and responsive interface that would increase user engagement and productivity.

Role of PMO

Our PMO helped define the project’s scope, budget, and timelines to align all elements tightly with the ultimate goals. Our project manager efficiently handled project execution, team coordination, and resource management, so each phase of the project advanced smoothly.

Job done

We redesigned an existing platform for managing the content (files) that the robot will play, addressing the shortcomings of the previous design. A new front-end featuring enhanced UX and UI makes it more intuitive for users to navigate and manage the content.

Additionally, we integrated the new generation of the platform with another file management system - Remote Device Management Platform (RDMP), to synchronize the content creation and deletion. We also migrated to a new database, which enhanced the platform’s performance and scalability, as well as improved security protocols, which resulted in data integrity and faster access. It helped to smoothen the workflow and make it more coherent for users.

To improve user experience and management of the story creation and its display further, we introduced a 3D preview feature, which let content writers see how the created content would be displayed by the robot and make changes if needed.

Implemented features


Story Moderation Flow

This platform’s function lets content writers create and enrich their stories by adding audio files or directly recording audio within the platform. In addition to standard text, it’s also possible to incorporate images, which creates multi-layered storytelling.


Package Compilation and Progress Call Back

This feature allows a platform we redesigned to synchronize the packages with RDMP. Clicking the "Sync" button creates a package (for example, a device-ready story) in RDMP. It shows a "Synced" message on success or a red "Failed" icon on failure.


Device-Ready Story Import/Export

The platform offers the functionality for importing and exporting files for quick editing of a non-published Device-Ready Story (DRS) in JSON format. Users can download, edit on the computer, and re-upload stories back to the site, bypassing time-consuming UI edits.


DRS Deletion Flow

The deletion feature ensures the removal of a DRS from all related systems. Specifically, when a user deletes a DRS, the system is programmed to execute the removal from the web platform, Remote Device Management Platform (RDMP), and the server infrastructure.


3D Preview

The platform’s 3D preview feature allows content creators to preview how their stories will be displayed. This feature helps creators adjust and refine their narrative and visual elements before the story is published.


Our team created a brand new UI for the web application, taking into consideration the feedback on the existing user experience. We also improved the UX and developed new critical features, including story import and export, story moderation, and story preview. Another major task we did was data migration from the old platform to the new one. As a result, we delivered a new generation platform that is more intuitive, feature-rich, and responsive.

Client’s feedback

Yurii Vasylkiv
President, Representative Director at Eleteria Inc.

During the platform's development and upgrade, the Relevant Software team impressed us with their skillful addition of new features and smooth data migration to a stronger platform. Thanks to this, we got a new generation, high-performing platform with the ability to scale.

The team’s understanding of our needs and their thorough work ethic resulted in a product that excels in user experience and functionality. Communication was seamless, with regular updates and valuable recommendations that contributed significantly to the project's success. The project management from their side was skilfully coordinated to balance the demands of development with our strategic goals.

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