What Should HR Managers Look for While Hiring Software Engineers

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How do HR managers ensure that they have the perfect person for the position they wish to fill? This question becomes more critical when it comes to hiring software engineers since the software section is as good as the backbone of any company’s growth. 

A robust hiring process involves testing the candidate’s skills and competencies required for the vacancy to be filled in. The assessment may include a technical skills test, personality assessment, job simulation test, cognitive ability test, etc. The first step is evaluating the coding skills of the candidate. However, HR managers should also look for the below listed five qualities to ensure that they hire the best talent: 

1. Team Player

Rarely two software developers come up with the same solution to a problem or even adapt the same general approach. They need to create code that isn’t extremely specific to their unique style of problem-solving so that other programmers can work on it further down the pipeline. A qualified software engineer writes and presents his or her work in a way that is easy to understand and work with for the other team members so that the final product is a composition of everyone’s best efforts. 

2. Focused

The ability to stay focused on the task at hand is a must-have for talented software engineers. Such candidates are generally passionate about their field but are also focused on their short and long term goals. They know not to get distracted by trying to implement unnecessary technology no matter how modern and popular and don’t waste resources by over-optimizing things that interest them but aren’t a priority. This quality also makes them better time and task managers.

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3. Quick and Self-learner

The field of programming is rapidly and constantly evolving. Hence, to stand out from the crowd, programmers need to grasp the new techniques, best practices, and technologies quickly and on their own. Once they understand the core concepts of new technology or program, they should be able to build on it with their research and efforts. If they can’t pick up new programming skills on their own quickly, they will lag and won’t last long. The mark of a qualified and talented programmer is the ability to stay up to date with the latest technology and advancements for self and company’s growth.

4. Domain Expertise

Generalists may not be as well-informed or may not have in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and techniques. Most of the companies today prefer to hire specialized talent to cater to the specialized demands of the market. Hence, candidates who have a strong foundation of the fundamentals, as well as an expert hold on a specific domain, are preferred.

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5. Creativity

Even though logic is the most primary and basic quality of a software engineer, in today’s competitive scenario, candidates who are creative and innovative are more in demand. A creative edge helps boost the quality of the final product. Hence, being simply skilled and being creative can make a huge difference in the candidate’s productivity. 

Apart from these qualities, a surefire way to retain great software developers is to ensure that the company offers exciting opportunities and inviting culture. The top programmers are always on the lookout for working on cool and challenging projects. HR managers can develop their hiring process according to this trait to ensure that the best of the lot are attracted and hired.

Written by
Kelly Barcelos

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