Top 3 reasons to outsource to Ukraine

Anastasiia Vlasova
Dec 4, 2018 4 min read
Remote teams
Remote teams Dec 4, 2018 4 min read

The global tendency for outsourcing has been here long enough for almost every business to consider it at some point. Today we are going to add some more sauce to the well-deliberated topic of IT and software development outsourcing.

In 2017 Ukraine become the Number 1 outsourcing market in Eastern Europe according to Outsourcing Journal Global Sourcing Association (GSA) named Ukraine an “Offshoring Destination of the Year” in 2017.

When adopting an outsourcing strategy, business owners have efficiency and customer satisfaction in mind. That is why Ukraine, a country in Eastern Europe, tends to top the list of countries for software development outsourcing services.

Stats show that tech and software vendors in Ukraine are gradually gaining more and more potential growth to be the top players in the Information Technology outsourcing market.

Here follow the key facts why Ukraine can be your next software development outsourcing destination

1. Quality and Expertise

Currently, Ukrainian IT and software engineering community estimate 166,000 professionals ranking fourth in the world by the number of tech specialists after the United States, India, and Russia.

The industry leaders like Microsoft, Intel, eBay, <ahref=””rel=”nofollow”>Samsung, <ahref=””>Oracle has already adopted the value of the local IT and software development ecosystem to their unique business needs by outsourcing to Ukraine. The expertise level married to mature management and cultural compatibility produce effective and reliable IT solutions. More importantly, the national technology market responds to the global trends incorporating innovations into the outsourcing services package. Starting from all-inclusive comprehensive applications and analytical solutions and up to the cutting edge AI and IoT solutions – the R&D advancement is already an integral part of the outsourcing relationships.

SkillValue recognized Ukrainian software engineers among the world’s best with an average score index 91.26%.

What differentiates local vendors is that customarily they offer businesses partnership relationship model. Transparency, trust and careful consideration of the customer’s needs, intense focus on excellence rather than average results, and decent soft skills are some of the human traits pretty attractive for outsourcers as well.

2.Technical Education & Human Capital

Traditionally, Ukrainian education is positioned as one of the most profound. We’ll leave the Wiki facts about prominent Ukrainian scientists and engineers who contributed to global science out. But the fact that over 36,000 students graduate 402 Universities all over the country holding degrees in technology, engineering and science, with over 15 thousand graduates in the IT-related subjects, speaks for itself. Being educated is popular and trendy in Ukraine. Moreover, there are diverse educational opportunities like trainings, schools and courses held for those who are willing to adopt more practical software development skills or dive deeper into the latest technology advancements like AI, Data Science, IoT, robotics, etc.

According to LinkedIn accounts of software engineers, their specializations in all mainstream technologies like Java, С, C#, JavaScript, PHP, .NET lead the way. Virtually every programming language and technology is presented on the market, be it Unity3D or mobile app development, Scala or Magento.

With over a thousand IT companies and nearly 2 thousand startups, there is a whole spectrum of IT-related services presented nationwide starting from application development and quality assurance and up to R&D services and consulting.

The dynamic local tech community networks and shares experience at a variety of tech events including ODSC Ukraine, IT Arena, DevFest Ukraine, iForum, ITEM, AI & Big Data Conference, to name a few.

3. Value for Optimal Cost

It’s a well-established fact that outsourcing is about cost efficiency. Ukraine is one of the destinations where IT service providers offer competitive pricing; businesses can expect 40% to 60% of expenses reduction by outsourcing their software development there. More and more companies from all over the globe recognize the potential of the investment into technology capabilities of the country. A comparatively low cost of living and positive dynamics of the Ukrainian ICT and related legislation, data protection and security regulations, as well as comprehensive flexibility provisions, constitute an attractive perspective for outsourcing companies.

Ukrainian IT and software engineering companies consistently provide a deep technical and domain expertise within a whole spectrum of value-added services: full-cycle software product development, trending mobile and web app development, quality assurance, UX/UI design and analysis, business process outsourcing (BPO), R&D services and analytics, IT consulting, support and maintenance – the outsourcing buyers ultimately receive everything thus saving time and money to concentrate on their main business activities.

There are numerous cases demonstrating that choosing a trustworthy partner is vital for outsourcing. One of the customers of Relevant Software has initially opted for a vendor from Asia with an attractive pricing policy and contract arrangements. Unfortunately, the cooperation was not successful due to the vendor’s constant failures in terms of project requirement fulfillment and lack of technical and communication skills.

Overseas clients have a possibility to save time and costs as Ukrainian outsourcing companies can cover the whole range of their needs ‘under one roof rather than distribute the team across multiple cultures and time zones.

Ukraine has the biggest IT outsourcing sector in Europe. According to Emerging Europe, Information Technology is arguably the only sector of the Ukrainian economy that has shown sustainable growth by 20-25% yearly. The export volume of Ukrainian software development and IT services is showing double-digit growth year after year.

Suitable destination, reliable and professional partner, clear two-way communication contribute to successful outsourcing experience. Ukraine is duly positioned as one of the most attractive destinations for software engineering services outsourcing due to the quality of services, commitments, business-oriented values, human capital, and cost efficiency.

Is Ukraine the right choice for your next software project? Contact Relevant Software to help you discover your best options.

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