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Software Development Outsourcing to Argentina: Why It’s Time to Consider

June 9, 2021
Updated: November 3, 2021

You have noticed that your in-house IT expert has called in sick several times in the last couple of months. Your new app development project, the one whose launch was scheduled a few weeks ago, is stalling. 

Don’t get me started on the hefty financial injections your company needs to keep up with the latest tech trends.

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These are only a few headaches that most businesses deal with. Are they worth it?

Why is Argentina the future?

This is a thought that crosses the minds of many business owners. Most of them are at war in their minds, trying to figure out if they should work with an in-house team or consider outsourcing.

There are industry leaders like Ukraine, India, China, Poland, and all the other big names in IT outsourcing, and then there is Argentina which is just getting started to make a name for itself. Truly, its current successes show its growth potential. 

To improve user experience and establish their authority globally, software companies in Argentina incorporate next-gen technologies into mobile and web apps. 

Skilled programmers from the leading Argentinian tech hubs such as Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Mendoza help businesses keep up with the fast-paced digital world by developing updated software that helps facilitate the smooth running of business processes.

The Argentinian tech sector keeps boosting employment despite all the challenges such as recessions or currency crisis, and the number of tech workers has already reached the 115 000 mark.

tech employment in argentina
Source: Bloomberg

According to Bloomberg, tech services in Argentina now comprise about 10% of all the country’s exports. In addition, Argentina is home to many unicorns, including the largest software development firm in the country called Globant SA.  

5 countries to consider when outsourcing software development project

Many businesses have been using outsourcing software development in an attempt to optimize their costs.

Apart from being a cost-effective solution, outsourcing has proven to be one of the best ways to attract a pool of highly qualified professionals to your software development project.

But wait a minute!

How does a businessman know which country to outsource to?

Hiring the best offshore software development company should be top of mind: that means choosing the best countries from which to employ qualified software developers for your project. 

You can outsource their software development to various countries. However, the final destination to go for depends on multiple factors. 

Before we discuss the best countries to outsource software development, you first need to understand what to look for in the country offering offshore software development services.

Allow me to run them by you quickly:

  • Data protection and security
    Depending on the software’s intended function, some companies need to outsource to countries with stricter privacy laws. Various apps require users to input their social security numbers, credit card information, and other sensitive dataю
    If you need one such app, the importance of opting for a software development company in a country with strict privacy policies cannot be over-emphasized.
    Every country has its unique data protection and security practices. They have rules and regulations in place to control how service providers handle a client’s sensitive information.
    Whether you are outsourcing web development or want a personalized application for your e-commerce business, you should pro-actively check the country’s network security policies before entering into a partnership with the software development company.
  • Expertise and skill set
    The level of expertise in your preferred outsourcing country is another factor to consider. To acquire in-depth knowledge on this, be sure to first look at the number of IT graduates the country produces each year.
    In this case, digging deeper into the number of software developer graduates is vital.
    The higher the number of IT-related graduates, the higher the chances of finding a reputable team with impeccable skill sets. That way, an entrepreneur can breathe easy knowing the likelihood of finding the expertise they need for a particular operation is high.
  • Cost
    Finances are the lifeblood of a company. For this reason, the cost of outsourcing dramatically influences a company’s outsourcing decisions.
    As much as it is in any organization’s culture to minimize expenses, a business person should not always work with a cheaper software developer. First and foremost, consider the quality of services before signing any contractual agreement.
    However, the reason why considering the pricing is vital is to avoid overpaying for services. Ask for quotations from different offshore software development companies to familiarize yourself with the price ranges.
    That way, you can avoid paying exorbitant prices for lesser-quality services, allowing you to settle for a developer in a country that offers fair prices for your desired quality.
  • Language
    Despite there being many software outsourcing challenges, we live in an interconnected world where the language barrier should not be one of them.
    Communication is critical in software development outsourcing. As such, you want to hire developers from a country with high proficiency in your preferred language.
    Remember that your company will be working closely with the offshore team. Considering that the software development process has many moving parts, proper communication ensures the project runs with minimal hiccups.
    Besides, the developers need to be concise in communicating developments and the project’s progress in real-time. There is also a need for them to sit in virtual meetings with your in-house team.
    For these reasons, it is essential to pick a country whose residents speak in a language you understand.
checklist for choosing a software development outsourcing partner

Now, back to the countries

Below, we share the five countries to outsource software development.

Let us delve into specifics.

1. India

India has, for the longest time, been known as a lead destination to outsource software development.

According to Statista, India’s IT revenue was approximately $191 billion in 2020, and these figures are expected to rise. With more people taking a keen interest in IT-related fields, India is a country with one of the highest concentrations of tech professionals.

Apart from its enormous talent pool, India uses next-gen infrastructure to develop software. It also offers quality offshore software development services at pocket-friendly prices.

What’s more, thanks to the global interconnectivity, many of India’s residents are English speaking. Communication being of paramount importance in software development, the language barrier will not be a problem when outsourcing to India.

2. Brazil

Mention Brazil, and most people will revert to soccer or their iconic dance festivals. What people must also realize is that Brazil is home to a multitude of expert software developers.

Companies looking to outsource to Brazil love its rich, affordable talent. Even more attractive is their language prowess. It is not uncommon to find bilingual and multilingual developers, with most being highly proficient in English. 

That means that you will have seamless communications, which translates to a smooth running of your software development project.

3. Ukraine

There is no denying it: Ukraine is a software development outsourcing industry giant. According to GSA, Ukraine is the leading outsourcing destination in Europe, creating software for authority brands like Cisco and Samsung. 

The IT engineering workforce surpasses that of other countries, stretching far beyond the 200,000 mark. 

Despite the majority of the general public speaking Ukrainian, the country’s IT specialists have learned English to ensure they communicate well with people from the US and UK, who are their most prominent clients.

Ukraine is undoubtedly known for its top-notch software development services. It is, therefore, a suitable destination for brands looking for high-quality applications.

4. Poland

Poland is another IT hotbed. Its outsourcing statistics are yet to reach Ukraine, but the country’s software development prowess is growing fast, making it a great outsourcing destination.

As an emerging software development powerhouse, Poland boasts skilled programmers. Their remarkable English proficiency attracts clients, making the country the new software development frontier to watch out for.

Additionally, IT companies in Poland offer slightly lower prices as compared to Ukraine. IBM and Nokia are some of the renowned brands that leverage Poland’s great prices for quality software. 

There is no doubt that the country is quickly cementing its authority in the software development industry.

5. Argentina

Software development in Argentina has been gaining momentum over the years. 

The government has shown tremendous support in the IT industry. This is prompting more companies to outsource their development projects to Argentina.

Argentina promotes free education, with a majority of undergraduates successfully balancing school and work. Software development outsourcing to Argentina also boasts reliability, stability, and support, thanks to its talented pool of skilled professionals. 

When companies hire developers in Argentina, you are assured of dedicated software development teams with vast tech skill sets, which is one reason why the region tops the list as a favorable offshore software development destination.

Having a large employee base of Latin Americans, software developers at IT companies in Argentina can communicate without difficulty. So, companies need not worry about the language barrier.

A plethora of other benefits await companies considering software outsourcing to Argentina. We will learn more about them in the following sections.

Argentine IT ecosystem at a glance

Latin America is particularly a hotspot for business people looking to outsource their software development, thanks to the 2019 Coursera Global Skills Index.

In the report, Argentina topped the list of countries with impeccable tech skills. Such news should not come as a surprise since the number of IT graduates and software developers continues to rise exponentially over the years. 

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency study reveals that nearly 85 thousand students in Argentina are registered in computer careers in 79 different education institutions. 

Argentine IT ecosystem

Currently, Argentina is a significant player in the software development industry. It is a trending tech hub with hundreds of IT firms. 

According to a recent Netherlands Enterprise Agency report, there are about 3,800 companies in the Argentinian software sector, including global brands and a growing network of local businesses. 

The Argentina IT industry may not be the biggest globally, but it can offer a lot to companies seeking quality development services. 

It comes with no surprise that businesses from around the world are not afraid to outsource mobile development, web, and app development to this country.

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s leading IT hub. Cordoba follows closely, with others like Mendoza growing fast. These cosmopolitan cities are home to a host of IT companies, with organizations heavily invested in their advanced tech skills.

Below is a list of the most popular software development companies in both Buenos Aires and Cordoba.

Company NameCity
BairesDevBuenos Aires
3XM GroupCordoba
Nybble GroupBuenos Aires
AltorosBuenos Aires
AgileEngineBuenos Aires
Huenei IT ServicesBuenos Aires

Five reasons why prominent companies outsource software development to Argentina

When outsourcing to Argentina, you can expect high-quality services, fair prices, and excellent customer service. Furthermore, outsourcing companies in Argentina have awesome developers with impeccable technical skill sets. 

For these reasons, Argentina creates a famous and fast-rising software development scene, gaining a competitive edge against well-established IT outsourcing countries like Ukraine.

Below we look at the benefits companies undertaking software development outsourcing in Argentina leverage.

Let’s dive in.

Argentina prioritizes top-quality education

The investment and emphasis Argentina puts on education are unmatched. It offers free top-quality education to its citizens. 

Despite being a developing country, Argentina is widely known for its top-notch education system. 

For the last decade, we have seen many international companies outsourcing software development to Argentina, thanks to the highly qualified graduates the country produces.

To fuel the IT industry further, universities in the region offer a variety of IT-related courses. Software engineering in itself comes in a broad spectrum to ensure they gain in-depth knowledge on programming. 

To complete their bachelor’s degree, an undergraduate will need to undertake a project for a duration of at least eight months to a year. The project should be related to real-life situations, helping solve existing problems.

Due to the extensive knowledge graduates acquire, IT companies in Argentina boast quality services. For this reason, renowned brands are always eager to outsource software development skills from Argentina.

Transparent development process

As an entrepreneur considering software outsourcing in Argentina, know that developers always try to maintain a transparent relationship with their client. As such, the offshore team will always consult with you on minor and major issues alike.

From the commencement of the project, Argentina software developers will share with you the source code. As the client, you have total control over and are an active participant in the development process. 

They will send you releases for testing routinely to keep you in the know. Every decision will be run by you for approval: that is how much Argentina developers value their clients.

Convenient time zone

A difference in time zones is one of the biggest challenges that companies outsourcing software development face. While one party is tucked under the sheets, the other is their most productive.

Some developers try to address these challenges by working at night and sleeping during the day, only to realize they cannot keep up with the crazy schedules.

IT outsourcing to Argentina is well-liked by Americans because their time zones are only a few hours apart. That alone allows developers and their clients to collaborate when both parties are at their most productive.

benefits of outsourcing to argentina

Multilingual professionals

The language barrier is another common challenge with outsourcing services. However, it is rarely a problem with Argentina’s outsourced development.

The Argentina education system incorporates English into its curriculum, allowing proficiency in the language for its developers. To ensure seamless communication while collaborating in software development, Argentina developers learn other languages.

The proficiency in these languages gives the IT industry in Argentina a competitive advantage as they can better relate with offshore clients.

Cultural similarities

One thing is for sure: working with people with whom you share cultural similarities is easier. Research for a bit, and you will realize that most parties with a bad software development outsourcing experience had different cultures.

A difference in culture might result in conflicting approaches in work ethics—these work against promoting productivity and efficiency.

Americans and Argentinian software developers can collaborate well, thanks to their similar cultures. Their work ethics and social lifestyles closely align, significantly minimizing friction in the software development project.

Unlike outsourcing to Asian countries where cultural similarities are hard to come by, American clients will better understand the project’s objectives by working with Argentina programmers.

Argentina vs. Ukraine: Which one is best for your outsourcing development project

Argentina and Ukraine are both great destinations to outsource your software development. The one to go for is based chiefly upon personal preference. 

Getting started, Ukraine has double the number of developers in Argentina. Regarding proficiency in programming languages and software development as a whole, various studies have shown that Ukraine ranks better than Argentina

In addition to that, the Ukrainian laws and regulations support IT outsourcing more, making it easier and less legally straining to outsource there. Considering its remarkable global rank, developer rates in Ukraine are reasonable for the quality you are sure to get. 

Though Argentina seems cheaper on the surface, information on Argentinian developers is limited, and so one can never be sure what to expect. 

However, Argentina shines in English proficiency. For this reason, it is a preferred software development hotspot for English-speaking countries.

Considering the factors mentioned above, Ukraine outweighs Argentina as a more favorable software development outsourcing location. You can blame it on the fact that the Ukrainian IT industry is more established and mature. 

Wrapping up

From the above points, it is clear that choosing the correct destination for your software development is of the utmost importance.

However, that is only half the battle, as even with the right destination, a great web developer is the only person who can guarantee a successful software development project.

Through it all, finding the right tech partner should remain top of mind. The developer should possess the industry experience specific to your task. 

You stand a better chance at a successful project if the programmer specializes in your industry. That way, you can be sure that the final product will cater to your needs and address pain points.

The programmer’s technical skills are also vital. Before you hire a software developer, make sure you understand the skill sets needed for the project and note them on paper. 

That way, as you interview potential candidates, you can cross-check to see they have the necessary skills to accomplish the tasks. 

Developers at Relevant Software have the industry experience and technical skills you need to ensure the success of your software development outsourcing project. 

The programmers understand the importance of customer service, keeping you in the loop, and communicating developments in real-time.

Here are the great projects Relevant Software has built for our clients. So, if you need qualified professionals who understand the intricacies of software development, contact us today.


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