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How Long Does It Usually Take to Hire an Offshore Software Developer?

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You would think that with hundreds of freelance marketplaces offering you thousands of applicants, finding a software development engineer will be quick and painless. Sorry to burst your bubble: access to many resources doesn’t guarantee fast and effective search. In fact, the average time to hire a developer is 3+ weeks for Juniors, 5+ weeks for Middle engineers, and 6+ weeks for Seniors, which is frustrating if you’re on tight deadlines or need to scale quickly.

Your other option is hiring software developers overseas through outsourcing and outstaffing companies. Is this a good idea in terms of the time-to-hire and price-to-experience ratios? Let’s find out by taking a brief tour through the hiring process of outsourcing companies’ and see what steps and timeframes they follow.

But first, let’s discuss…

The financial impact of a lengthy hiring process

“So what if we can’t find the right candidate right away? At least we save money by not paying them yet.” Does this sound like something you would think? We hope not, because this is a misconception that can actually cost you money. A vacant position isn’t saving you salary expenses; it holds you back from the income the person fulfilling the role would bring if they were hired.

The phenomenon of losing revenue due to keeping an opening vacant is called “vacant position days.” To calculate the revenue loss caused by it, you need to divide the company’s total revenue by the total headcount and then divide the result by the number of business days per year. Each ineffective vacant position day leads to product development delays. In turn, the delay may lead to lower margins, potential loss of first entry dominance, company image, and market share.

Knowing the financial risks of slow hiring and the amount of revenue you may lose can help you make wise decisions and speed up the hiring process. Decisions that involve partnering with a software outsourcing or outstaffing vendor like Relevant to do all the hiring for you, quickly and painlessly.

How long does it take to hire a developer and other tech specialists?

One of the biggest benefits an outsourcing vendor can offer in terms of finding candidates is the talent pool. If an outsourcing company has available developers on board, you can start working with them instantly. And if you’re lucky, they may even have a small team you can hire right away.

Now, if the outsourcing vendor doesn’t have free specialists, they will need to find candidates for your project outside. This is a standard procedure that does require some time: depending on the seniority level and the tech skills you’re looking for, the hiring process can vary from 3 to 8 weeks. But it’s often faster than finding candidates on your own and ends in a perfect fit. After all, experienced vendors like Relevant know what they’re doing.

The average time to fill different tech positions

So far, a software development engineer is one of the most in-demand tech roles: on Glassdoor alone, there are over 60K job openings searching for software development engineers.  

How we helped Paul launch an MVP in 3 months

In the US, it takes around 41 days on average to hire such a professional. A more precise time-to-hire rate varies depending on the candidates’ seniority level, their particular tech position, tech stack, or expertise rarity.

The average time to fill tech positions

It takes roughly 35% longer to fill a senior position than a middle one, and, apparently, it’s not as time-consuming to hire a junior developer or a trainee: about 50% faster than hiring for a middle position. 

If you take another country, say, Ukraine, the time-to-hire rates for tech specialists slightly differ. 

SLA for recruitment team

It typically takes 45 days to hire a development team lead, a UX and design team lead, or a business analyst. This is about 1.5 times longer than closing senior and middle positions within the mentioned roles, which requires about 30 and 25 days. To find the right match for junior and trainee positions, it usually takes not more than 15 days, which is 1.5 times faster than hiring a middle professional.

You may find interesting our guide on software development team extension.

The average time to hire a developer by technology

From another perspective, hiring middle and senior IT professionals may take longer. Such factors as the surge of technology relevance (Go and Python), increasing demand for specialists in a particular domain (Python in data science and C++ in IoT), or market saturation (RoR) pose additional challenges and add to the hiring time.

The average time to hire a developer by technology

Hence, it may take you up to 8 weeks to close a senior Go, Python, C++, or RoR developer opening. However, it’s relatively quick to hire middle to senior PHP, mobile, front-end, or .NET developers, requiring 3-4 weeks to find the right match. 

Software developer hiring process and timeline at Relevant

#1 Job posting

This is when we clarify the vacancy details and spread the opening across various job boards and platforms. 

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Duration: 1 business day

#2 External search and interviewing

At this stage, we prescreen the CVs we’re sent and conduct interviews with selected candidates. Our interviewing process includes 4 interviews: with an HR, with an in-house English teacher to evaluate the level of the language, with technical experts, and finally, with the client.

Duration: 12 business days 

#3 Making an offer

Once there’s a match between the client and the candidate, we clarify all the details like the start day, the computer configuration, and programming software the new hire will need, the trial period, and other operational information.

Duration: 3 business days

#4 Employee onboarding

Eventually, once the candidate accepts the offer and their notice period begins, we start guiding the new hire through the onboarding process. 

Duration: up to 20 business days, but usually much faster

software developer hiring process and timeline

What affects the speed of hiring software developers

Despite the general timelines and benchmarks, there are ways to get software developers onboard faster.

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Similar domain

Focus on developers who have worked in similar domains or projects. This will narrow down the search and get you straight to the developers with the relevant experience. Plus, when a candidate like this joins your project, they will be more likely to connect with the team and the project quickly. 

Strong talent pipeline

You can’t get away from weeks of external search. Still, if a recruiter who works on your opening has an extensive network of candidates inside the software engineering community, this will help a lot. 

Influential employer brand 

The employer brand is another essential factor that can propel your opening and fill it faster. If the outsourcing company looking for a developer for you has earned recognition and a strong employer brand on the local market, more candidates will be sending them their CVs.

Relevant, for example, is a company with a well-established name in Lviv, Ukraine. We’re also members of the Lviv IT Cluster, the most prominent business Ukrainian community of IT companies, authorities, and educational institutions. 

What are the benefits of hiring software developers through outsourcing companies like Relevant?

Considering how time-consuming the hiring process could be, it might be wise to leave it to the company with excellent hands-on IT recruitment grip. Along with saving time, here are other benefits you’ll get by partnering with an outsourcing company:

  • Saving your budget. Typically, the financial expectations of offshore software developers are lower compared to the US and European markets, which gives you quality and competence at an affordable price.
  • Accessing top talents globally. When hiring overseas, you access loads of top-quality developers, designers, business analysts, quality assurance engineers, and other tech specialists.
  • Mitigating risks. Outsourcing development companies have been using project management systems and time-tracking tools before remote work became mainstream. So, when working with a vendor, you can be safe about communication, work scope tracking, and transparent billing.
  • Scaling your team. At the very beginning, you may need 1 developer or a small team for your project, but if you’d like to stay flexible and have a chance to scale your team quickly, an outsourcing company is your way to go.


Of course, hiring the right candidates doesn’t come lightning-fast. However, with the right help, the hiring process can go smoothly and end with an outstanding specialist joining your team. 

If you want to enrich your team with dedicated and competent software developers, learn more about Relevant Software outstaffing services and contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.

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