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How to Hire Flutter Developers: Job Description, Interview Questions, Salaries, etc.

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Flutter is Google’s vision for the future of the web — a single SDK for Web, mobile and, in the future, desktop apps. It’s relatively new and pretty complex, which makes developers that truly understand it hard to find. And the market for them is harsh — if you want to hire Flutter developers, be prepared to compete for the talent.

However, there is another way. If you are not completely against the idea of remote development, there are teams all over the world that will take on your project at reasonable costs. A good example of such a location is Ukraine.

Please note that the salaries and hourly rates mentioned in this article don’t equal the cost of hiring offshore software developers through outsourcing companies. Read more about how offshore software development cost is formed in another article.

The difference between Ukrainian developers and others

Ukraine has been trying to become the top remote development destination for the last two decades, and they are doing pretty well. Compared to other nations with similar ambitions, Ukrainians have several important advantages:

  • Motivation. Being a software developer in Ukraine is usually a shortcut to success. Middle and Senior developers receive much higher pay in comparison to other popular jobs, and are willing to work harder to maintain their way of life.
  • Education. Most Ukrainian tech universities continue teaching the soviet school of engineering with a focus on hard skills over knowledge. Ukrainian software engineers know how to solve problems and often come up with unorthodox solutions.
  • Communication. Ukrainians used to have pretty poor English skills but they are desperate to catch up — especially when it comes to IT. According to polls, over 70% of Ukrainian developers are able to communicate in English at Intermediate level, with a significant share reaching the Fluent level.

Another interesting thing to note is the Ukrainian work atmosphere. Most developers here are perfectly capable of resolving tasks and continuing development by themselves, with minimal communication. It’s a great quality since there is a significant time zone issue — depending on your location, you may not be able to regularly synchronize your working hours with the remote team. However, if you are willing to provide regular input, Ukrainian developers would appreciate it.

Flutter Developer Responsibilities

Flutter is commonly used to design mobile apps and their Web counterparts, which often involves working in large teams and following the modern development paradigms. Therefore, if you want to hire Flutter developers, they must:

  • Have a basic understanding of Agile development and why it is necessary;
  • Be able to write concise, well-documented (or self-documenting) code;
  • Understand how to optimize client-facing software;
  • Follow the company guidelines and possess basic social skills.

Why Flutter developers should follow Agile 

Agile is the standard practice across software development and the absolute majority of developers prefer to follow it. If your developers don’t understand Agile, they may take longer to deliver results or might not be able to adapt to changes in requirements should they arise.

Why Readable Code Matters for Flutter

Code does not exist in a vacuum — even if it works right now, things might change a couple of years in the future. And if the code is a definition of spaghetti and nobody knows how any function works, then the code is unmaintainable and will take a lot more resources to update. Therefore, being able to write readable, well-documented code is necessary for any developer.

Why Flutter Developers Need to Optimize Their Code

Most Flutter applications exist on iOS and Android devices, which means that their performance must be balanced against the low-powered mobile CPUs and short battery life. At the same time, both Google and Apple push for fluid, smooth interfaces and lots of animation. The result calls for a very careful balancing act and makes code optimization a crucial skill.

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Why Flutter Developers Must Possess Social Skills

Hollywood created an image of a software developer as an anti-social nerd. It’s not entirely uncalled for, but these days developers work in teams and often need to communicate both with each other and with other departments. Therefore, you need people who can deliver their thoughts in a clear manner, while looking professional and remaining respectful.

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Source: https://flutter.dev/

Necessary Skills for a Flutter Developer

Flutter is a brand new thing —  the SDK even comes with its own custom programming language called Dart. And the relative novelty does level the playing field between developers with various experiences in the past.

Therefore, the list of required skills for Flutter development is concise:

  • Knowledge of (and excitement for) Flutter;
  • Experience in Android and/or iOS development.
  • Experience with version control tools like Git.

Flutter Developers’ Salaries in Ukraine and Other Countries

According to Indeed.com, Flutter developers are in very high demand in the US and Western Europe, with their average wages outscaling the other software developers by a factor of 1.25 or more.

UkraineUnited StatesWestern Europe
The average annual salary for a middle Flutter developer, USD30 000130 00061 000
* Note that the salaries mentioned above don’t equal the cost of hiring software developers through Relevant. Read more about offshore software development costs in our article.

Developers in Ukraine, however, come a lot cheaper without a significant loss in quality. It’s mostly due to a much lower cost of living. If you are looking to hire Flutter developers, you won’t get a better option.

Job Description Example for a Senior Flutter Developer

Our company is hiring a Senior Flutter Mobile Developer to create a framework for text adventures available on both iOS and Android — think 80 Days of Lifeline. We require an experienced developer who will help us design this platform from the ground-up and coordinate development at all levels.


  • Have two or more iOS/Android apps developed with Flutter. Either deployed on the AppStore/Google Play or available on Github;
  • 5+ years in mobile software development;
  • Experience with third-party libraries and APIs;
  • Understanding of the Agile development life-cycle;
  • Experience with automated testing and building;
  • Experience with Git, Jenkins, or other version control tools;
  • Ability to write readable code, create extensive documentation for existing code, and refactor the previously written code into readable state.
  • Intermediate+ English skills.


  • Java/Swift experience;
  • Understanding of Android Keyboard API;
  • Experience with optimizing applications for Material Design.

Interview Questions for a Flutter Developer

When it comes to hiring Flutter developers, you are going to need both hard and soft skills. And while it may turn into a balancing act in some cases, you should never favor one set of skills while completely disregarding another.

Questions to Determine a Flutter Developer’s Hard Skills

  • What is the file format for the layout files?
    • Trick question — there are no layout files. Flutter uses Widgets instead and does not require separation into code and layout like older Android frameworks;
  • What is the primary difference between Flutter and WebView?
    • Web-applications need to be run through different layers before they are executed, which requires more resources and causes latency. Flutter apps compile into a native ARM code to run faster and more efficiently.
  • What is the purpose of three folders inside the Flutter project?
    • The lib folder stores the Dart files — the core of the project. The iOS and Android folders contain tools to accommodate the core to the specific platform, obtain necessary permissions and platform-specific functionality.
  • What is the best way to ensure consistent formatting in the Flutter code?
    • DartFMT command replaces the whitespaces with the Dart-guidelines formatting.
  • What is the fundamental difference between handling functions in Android and Flutter?
    • In Dart, functions are first-class objects and can be passed as parameters to other functions. Doing so simplifies the callbacks and makes code more readable.
  • What is ScopedModel?
    • ScopedModel or Business Logic Components are common architecture patterns that separate business logic from the UI code. It is employed to improve performance and use less dynamic (Stateful) widgets.

Most of these questions cover the basics of Flutter and Dart, so the answers should correspond to the ones given. However, it’s still a good idea to have a Middle or Senior developer review them before marking the results.

Questions to Determine a Flutter Developer’s Soft Skills

  • Tell me about a situation when you had to do something you have never done before. How did you handle it? What did you learn from it?
  • Have you ever had to work with someone difficult? What was an issue? How did you handle it?
  • What are your three most important criteria for a good working culture?
  • Have your plans for work ever failed? How did you adjust? What precautions did you use?
  • Recall a situation when your manager was unavailable while you were facing a significant issue. How did you solve it? How would you handle it now?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. However, they allow you to get a glimpse into the psyche of your future workers and determine how well they would fit your company and each other.

How to Hire Flutter Developers in Ukraine — Three Most Common Ways

There are three common ways to hire developers for staff augmentation on the project:

  • Freelance platforms;
  • Recruiting agencies;
  • IT project expansion companies.

Each one of them comes with its own advantages, and you should consider all three before making a decision.

How to Hire Freelancers in Ukraine

Freelancers are attractive since they are often experienced, motivated, used to changes and can be easily replaced if needed. And yet, they are not perfect.

  • Freelancers are independent. They do not work for you, they have their own schedule and often it’s difficult to fit multiple freelancers into your workflow.
  • Freelancers need management. You will need either to hire one on location or bring your own. 
  • Freelancers can be unreliable. They tend to disappear and reappear at odd times, and often do not care much about your project in and of itself. There is little motivation and zero team spirit.

You can hire freelancers from Ukraine on Freelancer, Toptal, Upwork, Codementor.

How to Work With Ukrainian Recruiting Agencies

You can establish an office in Ukraine and hire Flutter app developers yourself, full-time and on long-term contracts. It’s a significant investment but it does bring you several advantages:

  • In-house developers work on your schedule. It’s common for a developer to work odd hours, and as long as you provide proper accommodation, you may be able to sync with your team more often.
  • In-house developers communicate better. You can employ team-building exercises and other events to build camaraderie and improve your team’s performance without sacrificing the morale.
  • In-house developers can be motivated. You can openly employ different motivation tools and techniques to increase your team’s productivity — like rewarding them with merchandise for exceptional performance or giving away off days in exchange for hitting a deadline.

However, there may be issues too:

  • In-house developers require an office. And the office, in turn, requires furniture, PCs, water coolers, microwaves and thousands of other things that cost money. Renting or owning a separate office for your team can quickly get expensive.
  • In-house developers are limited in numbers. Should one of them leave, go on vacation, or get sick, you won’t have people in reserve to replace him and will be forced to adjust deadlines.

How to Expand Flutter Projects With Ukrainian IT Staff Augmentation Companies

Staff augmentation is a happy medium between freelance and in-house — you delegate the Flutter app development to the Ukrainian company while retaining complete control over what the developers are actually doing. Most staff augmentation companies have multiple partners and carry multiple projects at the same time, while keeping a certain reserve of developers for emergencies.

Staff augmentation combines the best parts of using freelancers and in-house teams:

  • Staff augmentation is productive. You get experienced managers with already built teams giving your project 100% of their effort. That said, you can always bring your own management to oversee the development.
  • Staff augmentation is cheaper. Since the office expenses are covered by the staff augmentation company that works with multiple partners, the end costs for the client are significantly lower.

There are no downsides to this way of handling remote development, as long as the staff augmentation company knows their job and has a flexible workflow.

How Relevant Software Provides Projects With Flutter Developers

Relevant Software is a software development company that specializes in staff augmentation. We create projects of varying complexity for clients from all over the globe and we have a great onboarding workflow to pick the best team for your job.

  1. Send us the requirements. Describe what your project will be, how you see it, how much you are willing to spend on it. If you can provide a detailed technical task — that’s great! If you can’t, don’t worry — our specialists will help you write one and use it to determine how what developers are more suitable for your project.
  2. Let us search. We always have some developers in-house that are available and can start on your project right away. However, if your project needs something unusual — like an assembly developer or an experienced Big Data analyst — it might take up to one month to find a good candidate in our pool.
  3. Conduct the interviews. We will screen the available candidates and pass you the CVs and character profiles on the ones that have passed. Then you will select the ones you like and we will help coordinate your interviews with them.
  4. Meet the team. Meet the assembled team and start designing your project. If you wish to do so in person, we can send the developers to your office for onboarding, or provide accommodations for your trip to Ukraine.

With Relevant Software, you get Flutter app developers that will deliver your project before the deadline and working up to your specs. We take pride in our work ethic and strive to create software that will be easy to maintain and update in the future.

How We Help Companies to Get Developers On Board

Flutter is the next step in mobile software evolution. It can be used for any mobile, web, and desktop applications. However, it particularly excels in client-facing web apps — online stores, streaming clients, office suits, etc.

Here are some examples of our work:

  • Hyko. An iOS app for a Hyko Bear smart lamp that controls the light settings (temperature, intensity, etc.) and teaches kids to save electricity.
  • Biderator. An auction platform for construction workers and their customers. It has a transparent bidding process and allows one customer to bid for different contractors at the same time.
  • FirstHomeCoach. An online assistant for the new UK homeowners that guides them through purchasing a property and helps them secure a mortgage, get insurance, and handle the legal paperwork.

Conclusion, or Why You Should Hire Ukrainian Flutter Developers

Hiring Ukrainian Flutter developers is a great choice. They are perfect for when you need to extend Flutter expertise or create an application for your web service. And at the same time, they are lacking the common problems with outsourced teams, like lack of motivation or a language barrier.

With Relevant Software, you will get the cream of the crop of Ukrainian developers. We have senior Flutter developers that have experience with dozens of projects and can start working on your project as soon as we reach the agreement.

You can learn more about Flutter from our CTO’s article Top 8 Flutter Advantages and Why You Should Try Flutter on Your Next Project. Ihor is a huge Flutter enthusiast and uses very simple language to explain why Flutter is so desirable and important for mobile development.

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