Hiring remote developers? 10 best sites to find them

Daniil Kopilevych
Daniil Kopilevych
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Jul 10, 2018 7 min read
Team Extension
Team Extension Jul 10, 2018 7 min read

The success of any project depends equally on the innovation of the idea and the quality of its implementation. In its turn, the implementation directly depends on the people doing it. This is to say that having a great professional team is one of the primary concerns of any software development startup or a mature company.

If you have a team that you can rely upon to deliver quality product on time, that has effective communication practices, and generally maintains a healthy working climate, you may consider yourself truly lucky (or, should we say, a genius manager?). However, one day you will see that the product you are working on has grown too large to support by your existing team. Or, you may think of exploring a different development field and need new professional skills. You will start thinking of expanding your team and look for new people to join your project.

Today, hiring remote developers has become “the thing” in the software development community and the advantages of outsourcing are quite obvious. Both the developers and the companies love this approach – developers appreciate the possibility to work anytime and anywhere, while companies can increase the teams at a moderate cost. We have researched the advantages of hiring remote employees and cooperating with software development agencies, and believe that remote hiring is a highly effective method of engaging professional brainpower.

Freelance developers or dedicated remote teams?

This is a good question, and the answer can be found in the specifics of your project. Let’s briefly outline the criteria that can help you decide on the method of hiring your remote team.

Freelance developers Dedicated team
Project size Small Medium, large
Budget Limited Easy
Project manager availability Yes No
Special skill requirement Short-term Ongoing

In other words, hiring freelance developers is a good solution for smaller projects on a tight budget when you need a particular skill for a short time (for example, you have a single project requiring the knowledge of 3D animation). At the same time, with this model, you need to assign a project manager to supervise the remote colleagues. If you choose to hire a distributed team of developers, you should regularly dedicate time to team management and communication.

A dedicated remote team will be an effective solution for larger projects where ongoing support is needed. In this case, you will not have to worry about finding a PM in your team and squeezing in the team management tasks, as remote teams usually come as a “package” with their own managers. Cooperating with a remote team is in the “win-win” league – you are getting a fully manageable team at a relatively low cost.

Where to find developers for your project?

OK, you should have decided on the hiring model that suits you best, and the next question is where to hire freelance developers or remote teams. Depending on your choice, there are different resources that can help you find developers for your startup.

Remote Developers Job Boards

If you have chosen hiring freelancers, there are a lot of options for you. We have selected some of the best websites where you can either find freelance software developers open for job offers or post your job for the candidates to contact you.


Upwork is, probably, one of the most popular freelance developer sites with millions of users. On Upwork, you can either search the rather extensive freelancer base or post your job and browse the bids that you receive.

Upwork is truly a wealth of opportunities, both for remote developers and startups. If you, for example, search for independent JavaScript web developers setting the requirement of the success rate of 90% and up and having the conversation command of English, you will get 9,816 results at the time when this article is written.

Image credit: Upwork

Another advantage of Upwork is that it acts as an intermediary between the company and the freelancer. All payments are made via the Upwork platform (with a commission, of course) which protects both sides of the deal.


Freelancer is another large platform where developers for hire meet their potential employers. Here, you can also browse thousands of the developer profiles or post your job and select from among the candidates that respond to it.

However, for fairness sake, we should mention that the number of options available on Freelancer is not as large as that on Upwork. For example, the search for JavaScript website designers with a 5-star rating returns 1,739 results.

Freelancer also processes the payments between the developers and the customers, thus ensuring that all conditions of the agreement are fulfilled.


Choose Toptal if you need help in finding the perfect candidate for your project. The platform does its own screening of all freelancer applications and selects the top 3% to interview for the jobs.

On Toptal, you can find JavaScript developers who have passed the language and personality tests, a skill review, a live screening by Toptal experts with practical exercises, a test project performance review, and a continued excellence evaluation. The 3% of the developers who passed all five test stages are accepted in the Toptal pool. Thus, Toptal is the place to hire top developers for your project.

Image credit: Toptal

As Toptal proudly claims, you as an employer are entitled to a no-risk trial and will pay only if satisfied with the developer’s performance.


RemoteOK model is different from that of Upwork or Freelancer. It is a marketplace for freelance developers, or “digital nomads” in the RemoteOK terminology. The platform has no option of browsing the freelancer profiles but offers to send your job offer to potential candidates.

RemoteOK charges $299 for posting your job offer for 90 days within which it is available to 1,000,000 remote workers using the system.

Image credit: RemoteOK


Remote.com applies several matching models – you can browse the developer profiles, post your job or use the AI-based matching algorithm that selects the best candidate according to your requirements. The AI analyses several criteria – the skill level, the project duration, the payment model as well as the free-format description of the position.

At the same time, you have several job posting plans – from free posting offering basic opportunities to the fee of $295 which gets you a much larger audience, advanced AI assistance, candidate contact details, as well as other benefits. There is also the custom pricing option used on the case-by-case principle, where you get special services, such as payment only in case of the successful hiring and the selection from the top 5% of the candidates. For short-term projects, there is an option of using the Remote.com services to make payments to the freelancers. However, in this case, be prepared to pay 10% of your project cost to the platform.

Image credit: Remote.com

Platforms for finding remote development teams and agencies

If you have decided to leverage the advantages of working with a development agency or a dedicated team, there are also a number of resources where you can hire web developer teams of various size and skill level.

Software development blogs

Most software development companies keep blogs either on their websites or on public resources, such as Medium. The blog can tell you a lot about the company:

  • Technologies they work with
  • Successful projects they have delivered
  • Events they took part in and awards they have received
  • Cooperation models they use in working with their clients

You may also find references from other clients, links to the company portfolio, the introduction of the company team. Reading the blog can give you an overall impression of the development expertise the company has and the knowledge and skills they have accumulated. Contact the company directly if their way of sharing their experience appeals to you.


If, however, you wish to have more options to hire developer teams and save time in the process, check the platforms where development agencies post their offers. We recommend you start with Clutch specializing in B2B hiring opportunities.

Clutch claims to have put together a directory of more than 7,000 companies working in various fields. For example, if you are trying to find web developers, the resource offers the choice of 10,125 firms that can suit your requirements.

Image credit: Clutch


On Wadline, thousands of companies publish their profiles that you can choose from. The search is rather straightforward – just enter the countries in which you wish to find a software developers team, the services and technologies you need, and the project budget. The platform will return a list of companies matching your search criteria.

Image credit: Wadline

The beauty of the Wadline platform is that it immediately provides you with the direct contact details of the company. You can communicate with your prospective partners outside the marketplace.


GoodFirms is another popular resource where you can hire developers online. It puts you together with thousands of professional development teams in various areas. For example, if we continue searching for JavaScript web developers for hire, we will find 1,463 firms offering their services.

Another attractive feature of GoodFirms is their research on various topics related to development outsourcing. For example, you can find insights on the factors that influence the application development time or the challenges that arise in outsourcing.

Image credit: GoodFirms


We will complete our research of platforms where you can find programmer teams for your project with VenturePact, a platform that not only reviews and rates software development companies but also provides time-tracking, communication, and code review tools.

VenturePact offers quite a selection of rated companies working in different fields of software development. At the same time, the platform also provides the communication and escrow services to protect both the clients and the development companies.

Image credit: VenturePact

Have you found what you were looking for?

We hope that we could help you find places where you can hire programmers for your development project. As you can see, there are quite a lot of options, for hiring both freelance developers and full teams. If you are looking for more information on remote working, distributed team management, various aspects of collaborating with remote teams, subscribe to our blog or contact us for more detailed consultation.