10 best sites to find remote developers in 2019

Anastasiia Vlasova
Jan 11, 2019 8 min read
Remote teams
Remote teams Jan 11, 2019 8 min read

Succeeding in the IT industry is all about innovative ideas to be implemented in real life. The implementation of quality simultaneously depends on the human factor, as these are the people who are making the ideas work. No matter if you are a startup or mature enterprise, a team of professionals in the domain is the core interest and concern.

Having an in-house team that can fully equip your software development needs is the perfect case. That is, your fully dedicated development crew delivering a quality product within time and budget limits with perfect communication and healthy working climate. But how about a situation when your product or project requires an extension of your main team, or there is a pressing need for new professional skills, new development areas, etc.

Expanding your core software development team with remote developers can be performed in various ways. So, where to start looking to find remote developers for your project. Outsourcing has been the hype for quite some time now. Both, the providers and the customers recognize its advantages and drawbacks. The software engineers appreciate the opportunity to work remotely meaning working from anywhere regarding the time zone, while the cost flexibility has proven to be beneficial for customers and companies that hire.

The experts from Relevant Software researched the benefits and how to hire remote developers and cooperation options with software development agencies. Our meticulous study alongside practical experience proved that remote hiring as an outsourcing method of engaging external professionals and finding the best ones offers numerous advantages starting from budget efficiency and up to more effective utilization of the company’s own resources.

To begin with, we should discuss a choice between freelance remote developers or dedicated remote teams. This virtually complex question comes to the specifics of your project. That is there are several well-established criteria in evaluating what kind of remote team hiring method is preferable. Diving deeper, smaller projects with a tighter budget when a certain skill set is needed for a limited time is more ROI- justified with the help of freelance remote developers (e.g a single project requiring the knowledge of 3D animation). But one has to keep in mind that in a case with the distributed development team you need to assign a project manager with relevant communication and management skills and spend additional time for more specific supervision of the remote workers.

Freelance developers Dedicated team
Project size Small Medium, large
Budget Limited Easy
Project manager availability Yes No
Special skill requirement Short-term Ongoing

In the case with larger projects with a need for ongoing support engaging a dedicated remote team is an actionable solution. Those normally are managed by their own PM team, so they spare your time on management tasks and communication efforts. The beauty of the situation is that cooperating with the remote team presupposes the fully manageable team for a relatively decent cost.

Now that you have made your decision as to what type of hiring model suits best to your needs, the question of where to find remote developers or remote teams arises.
There exist a number of various in size and capabilities sources to enable your development team search.

Industry-specific blogs
In the connected society and the era of information technology, the simple majority of the software development providers offer quite informative software development blogs either on their websites or on public resources like Medium. Those can give you almost all-inclusive information about the company and its strong versus weak sides. When reading the company’s blog you can find out about:
The core technology stack they work with
– Successfully delivered projects and case studies
– Main events they took part in and recognitions received
– Cooperation models applied when working with the clients

Additionally, you can also find references from their clients, the company portfolio, info about management and team members and much more. This gives you, as a potential cooperation partner, a general overview of the company’s positioning on the market and an impression of the development expertise it has alongside the knowledge base and skills its professionals have accumulated. At this point, the best way to continue is contacting the company directly to learn about their experiences and best offerings.

One more feasible option for hiring development teams and simultaneously save time in the process is surfing through the reputable platforms where industry-related development agencies post their profiles with consecutive offers. Clutch.co is one of those specializing in B2B cooperation opportunities we recommend you to have a look at. Clutch contains a directory of more than 7,000 companies working in a variety of IT-related fields. The benefit of the platform is that it also publishes only verified clients’ reviews and feedback which can be an unbiased help for making business decisions. Their evaluation is founded on a number of crucial factors, among which are the analysis of the quality of work delivered, provider’s services and market presence in the segments.

Relevant Software at Clutch

A huge number of software services providers publish their profiles on Wadline for the seeker to choose from. After you enter the straightforward search criteria for your project needs including targeted countries to find a software development team, the required services and technologies alongside the project budget, the platform will publish a list of software development services providers matching your search. The core benefit of the Wadline platform is its ability to supply you with the key contact details of the company which enables your direct communication with the prospective partners outside the marketplace.

Relevant Software at Wadline

One more popular online resource for hiring development teams is GoodFirms. It provides a direct connection of the seekers with thousands of expert professionals within software development areas all over the world. GoodFirms offers a pretty attractive feature like research on various topics related to the outsourcing of software development. As an example, you can discover insights on the application development time, the influencing factors or the challenges within the outsourcing domain.

Relevant Software at GoodFirms

VenturePact is another sophisticated platform providing reviews and rates of the software development companies alongside comprehensive tools for time-tracking of the remote work performed, communication enablement and code technologies review. You can pretty safely explore your options with thorough research and more viable options. One can find quite a profound list of the rated firms engaged within different software development areas on VenturePact. The platform offers communication and escrow services at the same time in order to equally protect the clients and the development services, providers.

Relevant Software at VenturePact

Cooperation Platforms for hiring remote teams and agencies
When you opt for leveraging the expertise and engineering talent of a software development agency or a dedicated team, the market also offers numerous resources where you can hire a web or mobile development teams of various sizes and skills.

Job Platforms and Boards
If you opt for hiring remote developers, the market offers quite a wide choice. There are many reputable websites we have researched where the customers can either find remote developers and engineers searching for new jobs or post their job offers for the candidates to contact them.

Upwork is today one of the most well-known jobs offering sites for hiring remote developers with millions of users. It is a platform offering multiple opportunities for both freelance developers and startups making a hiring process much easier. Here one searches the huge remote developers’ database or post a tech job offering with the requirements and makes bids in order to receive the best suitable profile. Upwork is also efficient among the job boards in terms of being an actual intermediary between the client and the remote developer. All payments are processed via the Upwork which protects both parties of the deal.

For instance, when there is a need for a remote JavaScript web software developers with the high success rate, say 90% and up, and having good communication skills and decent English level, you will get 9,816 results at the moment.

Freelancer is one more hiring platform where software engineers and developers can meet their potential customers. There is a huge amount of profiles of the highly qualified remote developers alongside juniors and middle-levels available. It’s worth mentioning though, that the platform’s database is smaller than that of the Upwork’s and the options are a bit poorer. Still, it’s one of the leading in popularity as the potential employers can post their requirements and select from the remote developers offering their services. Freelancer also offers the payments interchange between the freelancers and the customers ensuring that all agreement provisions are fulfilled.

One more viable option for choosing a great freelancer, a remote developer for your next project is Toptal. The platform offers its custom business intelligence for screening all the freelancers’ applications available in the system and makes a thorough selection of the top 3% to interview for the required job. The trailblazer of the platform is that this one is the place to hire top performing developers for the software development project. According to Toptal itself, the customers are offered a risk-free trial version and are billed only for the successful fulfillment of the project tasks by the development engineers. This is a fair win-win option for both an employer and a job provider since only quality work and excellent performance is acceptable.

Here, for instance, you can choose from the JavaScript developers who have previously passed the English language proficiency tests as well as personality tests, skills review, a test project performance review, and also live interview by Toptal experts with practical exercises, and a continued excellence evaluation.

RemoteOK platform offers a different model in comparison to those of Upwork or Freelancer. It is a marketplace for freelance software engineers, remote developers or “digital nomads” as they are named according to RemoteOK terminology. The website enables sending your ready for a processing job offer to potential candidates instead of browsing the freelancers’ profiles database.

RemoteOK charges $299 for posting your job offer for 90 days with the availability for 1,000,000 remote professionals using the system to see it.

Remote.com applies a number of matching types for selecting the best remote developer fitting the project needs. The customers can either browse the developers’ profiles or put a job posting or use the AI-powered matching algorithm that verifies and chooses the most suitable candidate in accordance with the job requirements. The AI analyses several criteria – the skill level, the project duration, the payment model as well as the free-format description of the position requirements.

The benefit of the platform is that you have several simultaneous job posting plans. You can go with free posting with basic menu opportunities and up to the paid variant with $295 fee which might help you reach a much bigger audience, modern AI assistance, freelancer’s contact details, etc. There is also a case-by-case option, that is a custom pricing alternative when you receive specific services, like payment for only for successful hiring or remote work fulfillment by the remote developer and the best collection from the top 5% of the candidates’ portfolios. Remote.com services proved to be a good choice for short-term projects, as there is an option of making payments to the freelancers. However, the platform charges a 10% fee project cost for the services provided.

So what is your best choice?

Those above are just a few among a vast pool of platforms and websites offering you an actual help with external resources within software development. There is a whole lot of places you can go to find the best suiting development specialist for your next project by either hiring a freelancer or an external dedicated development team.

If you are looking for more updated information on remote cooperation options, distributed team management, positive and challenging aspects of collaboration with remote teams, read Relevant Software blog or contact us directly for a consultation.

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