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Time tracking software dashboard UI design
Client & product

Svenn is a platform that helps construction companies with time tracking and project management. They aim to minimize inefficient routines, billing delays, and unnecessary paperwork with a platform tailored for the construction industry.


The Client wanted their customers to be able to customize almost every aspect of the report, including being able to filter by material, types of work, vacations, overtime, etc. An old database with some of that data was available, but it needed to be transferred to a new platform and revalidated.

Additionally, the system was meant to have multiple user roles: User, Manager, Company Admin, and Super Admin, each with their own restrictions and abilities. The need to implement flexible billing in terms of company size and time worked was another major point.

Role of PMO

With the active participation of the project manager, the client avoided an increase in tech debt. Refactoring proposed by the team was planned and included in the scope and timeline.

Strategic sessions and technical brainstorms are a part of the management routine in Relevant Software. Therefore, you can be sure that we use all the fresh and brilliant ideas of our developers.

The project manager actively participated in the resources planning and recruitment process to assure the client that new team-members perfectly fit the core team both with their hard and soft skills.

To deliver smooth and effective communication and keep everyone up-to-date with current progress statuses, our project manager integrated Slack, JIRA, and Bitbucket software and setup start filters and settings based on the RACI matrix.

Job done

We designed the Svenn time management platform to be intuitive and include extensive sorting and filtering tools. It has a clean user hierarchy and offers complete workflow control at all levels. We also developed a billing system in accordance with our client’s specifications.

With the web version of the platform, we designed the iOS and Android applications. Since 2016, we’ve been supporting the project codebase and adding new features with every major release.

We set up a monitoring system that covers all endpoints to ensure the stability of HTTP requests. It also tracks server resources like CPU usage, memory consumption, network, etc. to better capacity planning and improve reliability.

Implemented features

Time tracking software dashboard UI design


The core of Svenn, the Dashboard provides an overview of the user’s current projects. It presents all of a company’s work in a single intuitive table.

Time tracking mobile app desing and development

Project management tools

Users can track tasks, deadlines, assigned employees, issues encountered, and other details for each project.

Construction project management software UI design and software development case study

Time tracker

Optional logs include expenses for materials, additional expenses, travel distance, lunch times (logged in a separate field), etc.

Construction project management software UI design and software development case study

Report generator

Users can generate custom reports with many filtering and sorting options and export those reports as XLS, PDF, and CSV files.

Invoice manager

Invoices are generated based on the time tracker and employees’ profiles. Pay is automatically calculated and payment data is exported directly to the payroll system.

File sharing

Employees can attach files to projects in various formats and create folders to organize them.

Platform architecture

Modular approach

We divided features into separate modules in order to increase the efficiency of the platform.

Custom components and design

We broke off Angular code into custom components to make building and deploying code faster and more reliable.


With the new time tracking platform, Svenn was able to capture a unique market niche and attract over 2,900 customers from 45 countries. The company now provides an attractive solution for construction companies that want to:

  • Manage construction specialists and projects
  • Calculate employees’ salaries and invoices
  • Stay on top of the company’s operations

These features give Svenn customers a definitive advantage when it comes to accounting and doing business. Svenn is an attractive solution for small businesses, allowing them to spend more time on non-administrative tasks.

Client’s feedback

Ole Jørgen Næss
VP of Product and Engineering at Svenn

We had the challenge to find trustworthy outsourcing companies that we could rely on. Previous attempts ended badly and we needed to find a company that had the skills, good communication and was fair on price.

We chose Relevant Software because we felt that they understood our business needs. They are very clear in communication and they execute the projects with the same quality as if it was their own. They also come up with ideas and improvements to make sure that the solution would be as good as it could be. Give them the really challenging tasks, the ones that everyone else is struggling with, and they will get them done.

Ole Jørgen Næss
VP of Product and Engineering at Svenn

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