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The Top 15 UK Venture Capital Investment Funds That Invest in Fintech Companies


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According to reports, the European Fintech sector drew a record-breaking investment of nearly €7.2billion in 2019, out of which approximately €4.15 billion were invested in the UK Fintech sector itself. With the UK Fintechs receiving almost half of the European continent’s funding in the space, it can be concluded that the finance sector in the UK is, undoubtedly, booming. 

Investment in the uk fintech sector  vs european fintech

That being said, the UK stands 2nd in terms of investment, with the US standing at the top of the food chain as the Fintech companies in the United States managed to grab €13.8 billion in 2019. 

Top 5 countries of global fintech investment: USA, UK, India, China, Germany

One of the biggest challenges early-stage Fintech founders face is not being able to prepare a list of the most active UK’s fintech investment funds that they can reach out to, which is precisely what we are here to help you with. 

In this guide, we’ll not only take a look at the list of the top 15 UK fintech venture capital investment funds that invest in the Fintech companies, but we will also be going through every single firm’s necessary details to help you prepare an outstanding game-plan for your company.

15 UK Fintech Investment
Funds That Invest in Fintech Companies

Here’s the list:

  • Seedcamp
  • Anthemis Group
  • Picus Capital
  • Amadeus Capital Partners
  • NFT Ventures
  • Index Ventures
  • Speedinvest
  • LocalGlobe
  • Par Equity
  • Point Nine Capital
  • Maven Capital Partners
  • Finch Capital
  • HV Holtzbrinck Ventures
  • Partech
  • Passion Capital

Let’s look at each of them one-by-one.


LocationLondon, England, United Kingdom
Founded 2007
FocusFintech, Marketplaces, SaaS, Analytics, Mobile
Website https://seedcamp.com/ 
Notable InvestmentsTransferwire, Revolut, UiPath

Based in London, Seedcamp kickstarted its journey in 2007 and is now one of the most popular Fintech, digital media, and software-focused venture capital investment firms in today’s world, especially in the UK. Seedcamp has been reported to invest around €100k – €2 million in UK-based firms. The reason behind their accelerated fame is their investment in TransferWise & Revolut during its early days. Till date, Seedcamp has invested in more than 300 European companies, out of which some of the major ones being Transferwise, Revolut & UiPath.

Led by Carlos Espinal & Reshma Sohoni, this fintech investment fund invests only in businesses that are in their early stages.

Anthemis Group

LocationLondon, England, United Kingdom
Founded 2010
FocusInsurtech, Fintech, Data Technology
Website https://www.anthemis.com/ 
Notable InvestmentsTrov, Flock, Matic, Hokodo

Launched in 2010, Anthemis Group was founded by Amy Nauiokas, Sean Park & Nadeem Shaikh who operated as bankers with a significant focus on angel investing. With about four offices spread all across the world, out of which three are located in Europe themselves, the firm has been actively investing in small and medium-sized Fintech companies, especially the ones in their early stages in the US & UK.

One of the reasons they have been investing heavily in the Fintech Sector is their keen interest in exploring how financial technology can have a massive impact on various other sectors, including mobility, agriculture, and energy. 

Picus Capital

LocationMunich, Bayern, Germany
Founded 2015
FocusReal Estate, Fintech, Insurtech, Human Resources, Mobility, Renewable Energy and Health
Website https://www.picuscap.com/ 
Notable InvestmentBillie

Founded in 2015, Picus Capital has managed to make a name for itself all across the world by heavily investing not only in early-stage companies but also in follow-up rounds up to SERIES D.

Over the course of the last five years, Picus Capital invested in 11 European Fintech companies and later committed to about 19 (pre-) seed and/or SERIES A follow-up rounds for them.

In addition to this, the firm is highly-focused on HR & Recruiting Support to help the founders dive into the pool of talent and find the best ones there exist.

Within the Fintech space, the firm has expressed its interest in investing in SME lending, secured property lending, digital banking, B2B transaction, and digital insurance finance solutions.

Amadeus Capital Partners

LocationCambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Founded 1997
FocusAI & Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Online Consumer Services, Digital Media, Enterprise SaaS, Digital Health & Medical Technology, Fintech, Regtech & Insurtech
Website https://www.amadeuscapital.com/ 
Notable InvestmentsPimloc, Ori Biotech, Nu Quantum, Veritas Intercontinental

Located in London, Amadeus Capital Partners is one of the most popular fund that not only has its eyes on Fintech Companies but also small and medium-sized companies in the machine learning, healthcare, consumer services and artificial intelligence sector.

Founded in 1997, its co-founders Hermann Hauser & Anne Glover have come a long way, with the firm now being a member of British Private Equity & Private Venture Association and has been approved now as an Enterprise Capital Fund.

NFT Ventures

LocationStockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
Founded 2014
FocusFintech, E-Commerce, Insurtech, Proptech, Regtech
Website https://www.nftventures.com/  
Notable InvestmentsCredit Kudos, Gimi, Identiway, Betalo

NFT Ventures is a Sweden-based company and was founded in 2014. Undoubtedly, it has managed to take itself to the top of the food chain, with its portfolio being one of the largest when it comes to Fintech companies located in Europe. Fintech is the prime sector the venture capital firm invests in, but it’s not just limited to it. NFT Ventures also backs various travel and delivery startups.

The investors of the firm believe that the financial and banking sector is set to witness a similar technological disruption that was seen by airlines, media and mobile industries.

Index Ventures

LocationSan Francisco, California, United States
Founded 1996
FocusAI/ML, Business Applications, Data, Fintech, Entertainment, Future of Work, Healthcare, Media, Mobility, Open Source, Retail, Security, Talent
Website https://www.indexventures.com/   
Notable InvestmentsAdyen, Aurora, Deliveroo, Funding Circle, Intercom, Robinhood, Alan

One of the oldest United Kingdom’s Venture Capital Investment firms “Index Ventures” has been in the game for a long-long time, more than two decades. With so many years of experience, the company has raised more than €6.14 billion until now and has big plans for the future. The investors’ primary focus is on the Fintech sector, as it has been predicted to boom in the next few years. 

Co-founded by Giuseppe Zocco, David Rimer, Neil Rimer in 1996, back then “venture capital” wasn’t a common word that was used heavily. Till date, the firm has built a sweet portfolio of about 160+ both US & UK companies, with Robinhood, Adyen being their top Fintech investments. 


LocationVienna, Wien, Austria
Founded 2011
FocusFintech, Deep Tech, Marketplaces, Industrial Tech, Healthcare, Consumer Tech (Generalist Venture Capital Firm)
Website https://speedinvest.com/   
Notable InvestmentsCoachhub, Billie, TWAICE, Tourradar, Inkitt & Luko

Founded in 2011, Speedinvest is a generalist firm and has successfully managed to build an impressive portfolio in the Fintech sector. Co-founded by Erik Bovee, Oliver Holle, Michael Schuster, Daniel Keiper-Knorr and Werner Zahnt, the investors have managed to move up the ladder in the past five years.

The firm has offices all across Europe; they are heavily invested in debt collection, insurance, elder tech, innovating debit schemes and Amazon Web Services for financial services.


LocationLondon, England, United Kingdom
Founded 1999
FocusGeneralist Venture Capital Fund
Website https://localglobe.vc/ 
Notable InvestmentsMonzo, Transferwire, Yapily, Zego, Tide

Although LocalGlobe is a generalist firm, it has shown significant interest in the Fintech Sector as a result of its presence in London. One of the reasons behind this is that London is Fintech’s global capital. Not only this, the firm is interested in open banking as well as the EU’s Payment Service Directive, insurtech plus small and medium-sized enterprise services.

How To Build a Fintech Product With 150 000 Customers

LocalGlobe was founded in 1999, and its founding partners, Robin & Saul Klein (father and son duo) have managed to turn it into one of the best early-stage Venture Capital Investment firms out there.

Saul Klein, the cofounder of LocalGlobe, has an outstanding track record in investment, as he was a cofounder of SeedCamp, LoveFilm, and was a former partner at Index Ventures.

Par Equity

LocationEdinburgh, United Kingdom
Founded 2008
FocusFintech, Cleantech, Media, & Communications. 
Website https://www.parequity.com/ 
Notable Fintech InvestmentsSwipii, miiCard, Greengage Lighting

Par Equity, founded in 2008, has an outstanding reputation and invests heavily in UK & Scottish businesses focusing on Fintech, cleantech, media, and communications. 

When it comes to choosing the companies they would like to invest in, they filter out companies in terms of the ones with outstanding growth potential and clear global application.

Point Nine Capital

LocationEdinburgh, United Kingdom
Founded 2009
FocusFintech, Education, Health SaaS, Marketplaces, and Opportunistic Consumer-Facing Ventures
Website http://pointnine.com/ 
Notable Fintech InvestmentsRevolut, Kreditech

One of the key highlights of Point Nine Capital is that it backed Revolut during its seed-stage. Moving forward, up until now, it has backed several Fintech companies across all of Europe, especially in the United Kingdom.

With Fintech being its sole-investment focus, Point Nine Capital was founded in 2009 and invested heavily in education and health-based companies, but only the ones in their early stages.

The firm has an outstanding track record of investing in B2B companies that are highly-focused on SaaS, marketplaces, and opportunistic consumer-facing ventures. 

Maven Capital Partners

LocationGlasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom
Founded 2008
Website https://www.mavencp.com/ 
Notable Fintech InvestmentsGrowth Capital Ventures, Fissara, NorthRow

Maven Capital Partners, founded in 2008, has been recorded to invest between €0.85 million – €12.71 million in early-stages small and medium-sized businesses based in the United Kingdom.

But before making the investment move, the experts at Maven Capital Partners make sure that the companies they are considering investing in have a credible marketing strategy and a strong marketing position.

In addition to this, the firm is one of the top Venture Capital Investment firms that has been watching the Fintech sector very closely and has built a fantastic portfolio out of it.

Finch Capital

LocationAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Founded 2013
FocusFintech, Financial Services, Insurance, Real Estate, Deeptech, Internet of Things, Security & Artificial Intelligence
Website https://www.finchcapital.com/ 
Notable InvestmentsZopa

Finch Capital, launched in 2013, has been investing heavily in various sections of the Fintech sector. 

Right from insurtech to payments to banking, the company has built an outstanding portfolio with the Fintech companies in Europe, especially the United Kingdom at the top of their list. Apart from this, they have also invested in Fintech companies located in SouthEast Asia.

As stated by them: They have been closely observing the B2C Fintech companies disrupting the traditional banks as well as other financial services. Mark their words, “We believe that the companies should be building and applying the software in the financial services sector. Now’s the time to make a move.”

HV Holtzbrinck Ventures

LocationMunich, Bayern, Germany
Founded 2000
FocusConsumer, Education, Digital Companies, Enterprise, Healthcare, Fintech,  Mobility, & Retail
Website https://www.hvventures.com/ 
Notable Fintech InvestmentsPenta, SumUp

HV Holtzbrinck Ventures was founded in 2000. Back then it kickstarted its journey as a publishing group Holtzbrinck’s corporate venture arm, only to become an independent firm in the year 2010.

With nearly 20 years of experience, they have been investing heavily in Fintech companies, with its maximum limit being €42.35 million per company.

And that’s what makes them unique, helping the entrepreneurs realise their vision. The company’s backed by both B2C & B2B offerings within the Fintech vertical.


LocationParis, Ile-de-France, France
Founded 1982
FocusFintech, Financial Services, Infrastructure, & Technologies
Website https://partechpartners.com/ 
Notable InvestmentAlan

Some of the most robust portfolios of Partech that make up to about 20% of their overall portfolio include Fintech, financial services, infrastructure, and technologies.

Its commitment to European Fintech companies is something to look up to, with it leading nearly 11 of the 26 early-stage Fintech companies since the year 2015.

As stated by them, they are looking forward to investing in Fintech companies that have a vision of changing the game and are focused on addressing the broader markets, the ones who seriously want to make a change.

Passion Capital

LocationLondon, England, United Kingdom
Founded 2011
FocusFintech, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Internet of Things, Software, Mobile
Website https://www.passioncapital.com/ 
Notable Fintech InvestmentsMonzo, GoCardless

Passion Capital is a London-based Venture Capital Investment Firm that has funded more than 70 early-stage tech-startups, out of which about half of them were Fintechs. The investors have their eyes on the European market and have claimed that they have huge plans for the future.

They have been identified as the venture capital investment funds that are subject to top-quartile conversion rates, from seed to Series A.


With the Fintech sector predicted to boom in the years to come, various UK fintech funds have been actively looking for fintech companies to invest in.

By the way, we at Relevant help early-stage startups build their software products and have expertise in the Fintech sector. For example, we helped FirstHomeCoach build, release, and continuously improve their product.

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