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Product Development

We, at Relevant Software, cover all spectrum of Product Development Lifecycle (PDLC) services, from ideation to delivery, in a variety of technology stacks and business domains. We also handle particular development stages, such as UI/UX design, prototyping, and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development. Our holistic and systematic approach to software development in alignment with a deep understanding of client’s operational and strategic objectives helps us guide the process of the product development and map out viable strategies for product’s continuous improvement.

We leverage:

  • Lean approach
  • Agile methodologies
  • Business modelling
  • Design thinking

Product development process


At this initial stage, we learn the client’s business challenges, needs, and product development objectives, and work out the preconditions. We understand the business problem and discover the solution to achieve client’s specific business goals. Also, we make sure that we share the same priorities and goals with our client

Requirements analysis

After the transition of knowledge between the client and our team, we prepare documentation of business and functional requirements in order to clearly determine client’s expectations for specific features of the product. Then, we prioritize the requirements and work out the preliminary scope of works

Product ideation

This stage involves identifying the product target market, brainstorming possible features and developing the concepts of the future product. After careful consideration, we filter out all unworkable, unfeasible, and less attractive concepts


This stage helps reassure feasibility of the product idea, as well as collect further requirements, select proper tools and technologies, validate the budget, and define benchmarks. The prototype ensures that the product has market relevance, and is tailored to client’s specific needs and market expectations


If you are building an innovative product from scratch, consider developing a Minimum Viable Product first – a product with just enough features to gather user feedbacks and validate its marketability. It will help quickly enter the market, collect the user base, and build a full-fledged product in the future while avoiding high failure costs. MVP is also a great solution for startups, which can help them validate the feasibility of their idea, and get the funding from investors

UI/UX design

At this stage, we translate a product concept into a tangible design. We concentrate on the needs of the end users and create streamlined and visually appealing user interface, which helps the product stay competitive in the market


We do the development in strict accordance with the specified requirements and client’s needs. Our development team leverages proven software developments models, robust coding standards, proper team set up, domain expertise, and best possible technology stack to ensure seamless development processes

Quality assurance

Testing is an integral part of software development process, which helps find bugs in the product at early stages, verify functionality, minimize rework, and shorten time-to-market. We leverage comprehensive metrics and various types of testing to detect defects and minimize risks before they can cause malfunctions

Areas of improvement

We review the delivered product to adjust it to the market needs, refine look and feel, and ensure return on investment

Support and maintenance

Software product development is an ever-evolving process. After the product is delivered we provide full support, ensure its competitiveness in the market, and develop customized features to suit specific users’ needs

When providing product design and development services, we ensure reduced costs on development, as well as short time-to-market, high productivity and profitability of the developed products. All sensitive data and corporate information that our clients share with our development team are subject to NDA and protected by our strong corporate policy.

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