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Reap the power of technology, optimize your business processes, and stay miles ahead of your competitors with Kubernetes as a service!

Designed for you and your business, our managed Kubernetes services provide all the tools you need to get started, including a web-based user interface, command-line tools, and an API server.

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Client testimonials

«We now have a core team of engineers at Relevant who work for us full-time and are supplemented by 4 or 5 engineers with different skillsets when and if required.»

Paul Carse
CTO and Co-founder of Life Moments

“Working with you guys has been fantastic. The level of expertise of your development team is as good as the people that we get in the UK. You’ve got a fantastic talent base of programmers. It’s more challenging to find people of that quality in the UK.”

Cassian Harrison
Co-founder of Splink Industries and My Theory Test App by James May
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Managed Kubernetes services we provide


Relevant Software provides you with a team of experts who will help you get started with Kubernetes.
Our Kubernetes services include primary, quick implementation, and cloud migration consulting.


Reap all the benefits of Kubernetes without the hassle!
With Relevant Software by your side, you can focus on developing your applications and growing your business. We'll take care of all the rest.


Relevant Software takes security seriously. And so should you!
To ensure ultimate protection and prevent any possible DoS attacks, we help you grant users permissions that suit their business aspirations.


At Relevant, we provide Kubernetes support services for businesses of all sizes to resolve issues of any complexity before they affect your business, including those that may require modifying configuration files and a source code.

Our partnership doesn’t have to stop at Kubernetes:
  • • Software product discovery services
  • • Cybersecurity services
  • • Machine learning and AI services
  • • SaaS development services
  • • Quality assurance
  • • Python development services
  • • Flutter app development services
  • • Full-stack development services
  • • Node.js consulting services
  • • Golang development services
  • • Web development services

Why is Relevant a good choice for managed Kubernetes services?


Agile methodology

Our team adheres only to practices proven to bring success. The Relevant Software team uses Agile methodology for all our projects, including managed Kubernetes services. This allows us to move fast and efficiently towards your project's goals and deliver the best possible product to our clients.


Dedicated project manager

Keep track and stay on top of the latest changes and developments in your project effortlessly. Relevant Software ensures every client has a dedicated project manager who will be their main point of contact and ensure their project is on track.


80% employee retention rate

Kubernetes as a service requires a devoted team you can count on for the long run. Relevant Software has one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry. An 80% employee retention rate helps us preserve a high level of expertise and experience within our team.


9/10 client satisfaction score

Is Relevant Software the best managed Kubernetes service provider you can find? Let our proven track record and 9/10 client satisfaction score persuade you that we are. This score shows our team's dedication to our client's success. Relevant Software will go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are happy with the results of our work.


92% of senior and middle engineers

Get to work with the best talent in the industry. Relevant Software has a 92% senior and middle engineer ratio. Working only with experts in the industry allows us to offer our clients the best possible expertise and experience for their projects.


Risk handling

We know how to handle risks. Relevant Software has a strict risk management policy in place. This allows us to identify and mitigate risks early on before there is even a chance for something to impact the project negatively.

Success cases

Developing a SaaS platform that assists UK homebuyers
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Reducing paperwork for construction companies
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My Theory Test app by James May
Building #1 driving app in the UK
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What is managed Kubernetes?

Managed Kubernetes is a service that helps you deploy, manage, and scale your Kubernetes applications. It also provides you with all the tools you need to get started, including a web-based user interface, command-line tools, and an API server.

Why are managed Kubernetes services important?

Choosing managed Kubernetes services comes with numerous benefits instead of doing it in-house. With a reliable Kubernetes managed service provider, companies will have less work to do, fewer management tasks to handle, better reliability, and, most importantly, fewer costs.

Where are you located?

Relevant Software hires experts from all over the world, but we have offices in Poland and Ukraine. We have more than 150 employees worldwide, 200+ successfully completed projects, and more than nine years of experience when it comes to software development.

What are the benefits of managed Kubernetes services?

There are many benefits of Kubernetes managed services, some of which include:

  • Reduced management overhead and operational costs
  • Increased reliability and uptime
  • Easier scalability
  • Better security
  • Access to expert support
What are examples of managed Kubernetes services?

The following are examples of managed Kubernetes services:

  • Azure Kubernetes service (AKS) - a fully managed Kubernetes service that runs on Microsoft Azure.
  • Google Kubernetes engine (GKE) - a fully managed environment that allows the containerized apps to be deployed, managed, and scaled utilizing Google infrastructure.
  • Amazon elastic Kubernetes service (EKS) - a fully managed Kubernetes service that runs on Amazon web services (AWS).
  • Rackspace Kubernetes as a service - a managed KaaS platform that makes it possible to provision Kubernetes clusters in a cloud setting.
  • DigitalOcean - an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform that is managed for the deployment and administration of Kubernetes.
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