Automating the event check-in process

Client & product

Momice is an event management company that provides software to simplify the organization of meetings, conferences, and exhibitions.
An important part of event management is checking attendees in and out in order to know how many people are currently present at the event. Momice decided to handle this using a mobile application that lets greeters scan attendees’ tickets.


Our client required a mobile app for iOS and Android that would allow event managers to track attendance at events and check visitors in and out. The QR code on tickets provides all the information needed for check-in and automatically sends that information to a printer to print a badge.

Job done

We built two apps — one for iOS and one for Android. We designed them to be simple and intuitive so personnel can be trained as quickly as possible. These apps have feature parity but were developed natively in order to optimize performance and limit battery drain.

Implemented features

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QR code scanner

Tickets for Momice events come with unique QR codes. The Momice app uses a QR code reader to check guests in for events and check them out when they leave.

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Name badge printer

QR codes contain a guest’s personal information in order to create a personalized name badge. After greeters scan tickets, they print badges with a mobile printer.

3 (9)

Attendance report

The information obtained from QR code scanners gets sanitized and sent to the server for statistics. The attendance report for the event is updated in real time and can be viewed inside the app.


With the new Check-In app, Momice users now receive better and more accurate reports on event attendance. In addition, the printing feature is unique and helps guests with networking.

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