Simplified automated solution for payroll departments


The client needed to develop a new software product for payroll departments. Product’s ultimate goal was to generate weekly payroll reports in less than an hour and significantly reduce human factor and labor costs. Relevant Software team strived to fully automate the process of salary and bonus calculation for companies with a considerable number of agents taking into account corporate standards and business processes of each company.


  • Business Analysis
  • Web Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance


  • Node.js, PHP,
  • MySQL, jQuery,
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Bootstrap3

Project goals

  • Develop a full-cycle payroll system Relevant Software delivered a simplified platform for the payroll department.
  • Simplify the workflow of payroll specialists The main goal was to raise the payroll specialist’s efficiency by decreasing the number of manual calculations.
  • Detect errors within payrolls It was crucial to make sure the system produces correct results as it could lead to the wrong salary calculation, and thus, additional costs for a company.
  • Generate efficient and easy reports The system had to produce reports that would be clearly understood by both the accountant and company owner.


As there was a lot of data that had to be processed, we’ve had to manage and optimize it in the right way to ensure that we get the desired result. We also needed to make a lot of complex calculation, display every processed data point and test the system. The algorithm that we’ve developed allows to conduct tremendous calculations in just one click taking into account more than 50 parameters.

Main features

  • Commission calculation
  • Bonuses calculation
  • Paysheet reports generation
  • Quota set up
  • Sales data verification


Relevant Software delivered a simplified automated platform for payroll departments. This solution enabled to raise payroll specialist’s efficiency by decreasing the number of manual calculations.

Full-cycle product development. Relevant Software team was responsible for every phase of the project starting from business analysis, requirements generation and the actual development to testing and supporting activities.

Easy-in-use algorithm. Even though the salary calculation feature is based on combinations of more than 50 factors, the final data is displayed in a very clear and intuitive way.

Turnkey solution. The system was customized to suit the needs of each customer.

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