Custom Dashboard Solution for Public Safety Company


Relevant Software implemented a custom dashboard solution for a smart home device developed by Norwegian tech company operating in the public safety industry. The dynamic dashboard is designed for better promotion of the smart home device on marketing events as well as for internal use to track the progress of its distribution and motivate the company team.


Web Development
Business Analysis
Quality Assurance
Project Management


React, Node.js,
MapBox, Express,

Project goals

  • Display of the relevant information on the big screen.
  • Real-time demonstration of the quantity of radon detectors worldwide, their location, new sign-ups, etc.
  • Automatic zooming to the latest devices, which updated their data in the absence of any action by the user (automatic animation).
  • Constant interaction, movement, dynamics. Map animation from marker to marker.


The Client’s company has entered a new level of development. This has prompted them to search for a technical solution that would help to properly demonstrate their product at various marketing events and raise even more interest with the audience. Additionally, based on the data received the Client should analyze their marketing performance and tune it accordingly. That’s why Relevant Software was called to action. We delivered a custom solution for better promotion of the smart home device on marketing events.


Relevant Software has delivered an out of the box solution that the Client can easily deploy on his side. The Client received an ability to:

  • Attract attention and engage the audience with an interactive dashboard.
  • Motivate the team with the possibility to observe the growing network of devices.
  • Monitor the level of radon in different parts of the world.
  • See where the most favorable market for their product could be.
  • Analyze which of the devices need a service update.

Featured success stories

  • Ability to create a custom style of the map.
  • Smooth zooming.
  • Programming integration with the map.
  • Ability to implement clustering and interactive elements.
  • Optimized for fast loading, eliminate lags during transitions.

Mapbox has 2 modes of transition between the markers on the map

  • For a certain time, when the speed of movement on the map is indicated.
  • For a certain distance, when the time of the distance passed is indicated.

Optimizing the smoothness of transition between the markers

  • Loading speed optimization.
  • Rendering optimization.

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