Industry-tailored application for FinTech company

Business challenge

FirstHomeCoach is an industry-tailored application with an aim to help users, that is first-time buyers in the UK to turn the overall house buying process into an easy to follow step-by-step guide. The system analyses User’s data and offers an actionable advice on each phase of the purchasing process.

The most crucial about the app is its user-friendliness and simplicity in order to be time and cost efficient for making a customer happy.

React, Redux, TypeScript,
Node.js (Express),
AWS, Postgres


FirstHomeCoach is a UK-based fintech and property company that delivers solutions to assist buyers in navigating the complexities of purchasing a property. The FirstHomeCoach app is specifically designed to guide customers through the entire process of buying a house including financial aspects and also connects them with trusted advisers helping with mortgage, insurance and legal paperwork.

App functionality

Our experts built an intuitive User part (Web) functionality

Landing page

The Landing page functionality built on WordPress comprises:

  • General info
  • FAQ page
  • Blog
  • Testimonials page
  • About and the Team page
  • T&C and License agreement
  • Contact us page

Server-side development

Microservice architecture

It enables necessary isolation between the application server and business process.


Node JS offers the cluster module with a set of properties that help to build programmes that use all the CPUs.

Static typing

Using TypeScript improves readability, increases development speed, and system stability.

Security conformance

Automated static security code control

Prevents data breaches by locating security flaws in the source code.

Dynamic application testing

Grey-box for web applications in order to detect possible security defects missed during manual code review and automated source code scanning.

Testing process

The following testing types are performed in order to gain Cloud perimeter and IT infrastructure security assessment alongside grey-box external and web application penetration testing

Functional testing
Integration testing
Confirmation testing
Regression testing

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