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Use innovative bespoke software development to target the needs and requirements of your company. Our track record of custom project development on budget and within deadline makes us reliable partners.

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Client testimonials

«We now have a core team of engineers at Relevant who work for us full-time and are supplemented by 4 or 5 engineers with different skillsets when and if required.»

Paul Carse
CTO and Co-founder of Life Moments

“Working with you guys has been fantastic. The level of expertise of your development team is as good as the people that we get in the UK. You’ve got a fantastic talent base of programmers. It’s more challenging to find people of that quality in the UK.”

Cassian Harrison
Co-founder of Splink Industries and My Theory Test App by James May
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Bespoke Software Development Services We Offer

Web Development

Yield the maximum value to your digital marketing by designing, developing, and launching products, platforms, and web applications. Our team of bespoke software developers will manage your required specifications.

Mobile Development

Our bespoke software development company can create mobile apps for different computing platforms, ensuring a user-friendly interface and flexibility according to your business requirements.

Cloud-Based Development

Our use of cloud services or platforms for tailor-made app development will boost production speed, enhance product quality, improve productivity, reduce administrative duties, and be more cost-efficient.

Business Automation

Our services can facilitate an independent workflow, data integration, database development, and process automation according to your business rules. It will further help boost productivity.

Other services we provide:
  • • Software product discovery
  • • DevSecOps
  • • Quality assurance
  • • MVP development
  • • UI/UX design
  • • Cybersecurity
  • • DevOps
  • • Software development consulting

Why Should You Consider Relevant for Bespoke Software Development?


Agile Methodology

The cost-effective yet high-quality product development benefit makes Agile the perfect development cycle to implement into your business. It also offers flexibility.


Dedicated Project Manager

We have diligent project managers who will take on the tasks of organizing, planning, and managing tasks, so you can track your business and other necessary work.


80% Employee Retention Rate

We focus on building a reliable team of experts without compromising on time, money, and effort. Our focus is to create a long-term relationship with all our employees and clients.


9/10 Client Satisfaction Score

We prioritize finding the solution to any business challenges as early as possible. Our high service standards and impeccable communication are continuously praised by our clients.


92% of the Company Are Senior and Middle Engineers

As home to the fifth top IT service exporter globally, our bespoke software development agency houses only middle and senior engineers. We offer services only from experts and reliable professionals.


Risk Handling

Our approach to staying up to date with the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices sets us apart from regular suppliers. We are a reliable companion to our clients.

Our Success Cases

Reducing paperwork for construction companies
View case
Developing a SaaS platform that assists UK homebuyers
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Engagement models

Decide which model best suits your project


What are the business types you work with?

We have delivered products for promising startup companies and Fortune 500 companies. As an international software company, we don’t limit ourselves to a specific category or rank of success and work with various businesses worldwide.

Who will own the authority for the code after project completion?

For both custom and standard project and product development, the code authority belongs to the business owner. After our team is done with the product and delivers it successfully to the client and/or business owner, they will have complete authority over the code, and we will have no involvement with the product or the code whatsoever.

What do you do to ensure my data is secured? Will we sign an NDA?

Yes, we will ask you to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before starting your project. We put importance on ensuring the protection and security of your data, and through the signing of the NDA, we can achieve the highest confidentiality level through every step of the project until it is complete.

What pricing model do you offer?

We only offer the time and material pricing model, which means you only pay for the resources and time spent on the project. It supports the Agile development cycle, so you will also be reaping the benefits of team flexibility, the ability to make changes with no set delivery date, and have overall control over your project’s development. We charge on an hourly basis with biweekly invoices.

Can you provide details on your hiring process?

We conduct our hiring process in five stages. The first stage begins with reviewing CVs and checking the candidates’ soft skills over a video interview. Next, the candidates will go through a test to judge their English level. If they pass, our senior developers will conduct an in-person interview with them to test their hard skills and other factors. After a reference check, the passing candidate will have to go through a final interview with our CEO before we prepare the job offer.

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