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Want to submit a guest post to our tech blog? Then this page is for you. Our blog attracts tens of thousands of visitors per month. CTOs, CIOs, CEOs, startup founders, and other tech enthusiasts read our blog daily.

We’d love to give you a space to share your remarkable experience and thoughts with our audience. But before that, please read our guidelines to see if we fit each other.

Benefits of writing for Relevant

  1. We do additional SEO optimization so that your content gets the highest positions in search.
  2. We allow do-follow links to your brand, but not on commercial keywords.
  3. We distribute each article on our social media accounts and third-party platforms like Quora, GrowthHackers, IndieHackers, etc. That will bring up to thousands of views.
  4. We create custom illustrations and infographics to keep readers’ attention and maximize social shares.

General recommendations

  • We only accept long-form, extensive articles like this, this, and this.
  • The information flow should be logically structured: 1) introducing the topic or the problem of the article, 2) summarizing the importance of what they will learn, 3) giving a list of more in-depth ideas that expand on the subject.
  • The very first 2-3 paragraphs must give readers the most important information to fully engage them for further reading.
  • You should go from a problem to its solution, which is the articles’ main goal (user subscription, sale, etc.).
  • To turn your article into an irresistible client magnet, use the following phrases and headers: 502 Phrases.
  • Read this article about how to write cool intros.
  • Make sure you’ve read this article about writing good blog posts.

Topics we are interested in

*but you always can propose an interesting idea related to our business.

  • Tech: Everything related to digital transformation and innovation, how technologies can improve different sectors of business; Cybersecurity, DevOps, QA, Software Development, Mobile and Web apps, PWA, frameworks, etc.
    Examples of topics:
    • IoT on construction site
    • Cloud migration tips
    • How to automate manufacturing
    • Heroku vs AWS vs GCP
    • React Native vs Cordova
    • Best hosting for Node.js
    • AI implementation in retail
    • Warehouse automation
  • Product development and management: Everything about planning, building, and scaling a product from tech and leadership perspective.
    Examples of topics:
    • How management structure changes when going from 10 to 50 people
    • Product features planing
    • How to test a product idea
    • Agile management in startups
    • How to build an app like Uber
  • Remote work and outsourcing. All about remote dev team management, agile approach, Scrum, team building, HR, etc. Where, and how to find certain specialists. Assessment, sourcing, onboarding tips.
    Examples of topics:
    • How to hire X position remotely
    • Jira setup for software teams
    • Outsourcing tips
    • Remote tech screening

Don’t know where to start?

We can provide you with an outline of the article from our content plan.

Writing guidelines


Write headlines in a capital case and follow headlines best practices.

Be casual, but smart

This isn’t a term paper, so there’s no need to be stuffy. Drop some knowledge while casually engaging your readers with conversational language.

Be specific

Use research data, numbers, stats, and detailed workflow stages to increase the value of the content. Put links to credible sources like Wikipedia, Statista, Gartner.com, etc. when you need to back up some of your statements with relevant facts.

Get to the point

Get to the important stuff right away, and don’t bury the kicker. Blog posts should be scannable and easy to digest. Break up your paragraphs into short chunks, and use subheads. Our users are busy, and we should always keep that in mind.

Use links

Link to another website if it helps to explain something or refers to the data source (eg. Gartner, Statista)

Use tags and keywords

In WordPress, add keywords that apply to your article. Look through existing posts for common tags. If you’re not sure if a word should be a tag, it probably shouldn’t.

Use pictures

Include images in your blog posts to provide additional info or just add visual touch to text. Make sure to use alt text.

Add call to action

Place a Call to Action (CTA) at the end of an article to encourage users to contact your company/agency/firm/store if they’re looking for help regarding the problem discussed in the article.

Keep in mind:

  • Diagrams, schemes, illustrations should be created by our designer.
  • Make sure images you use are royalty-free (use services like Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay)
  • All the images should go with alt text and caption.
  • An image should be at least 1000px wide.
  • Gifs are allowed but should be used rarely.

Use videos

Embedded videos are welcomed to add more value where necessary.

Keep in mind:

  • Check if we don’t have our own video on the topic.
  • If not, use videos only from authoritative companies or figures (Hubspot, Salesforce, Gartner, McKinsey, Atlassian, Neil Patel, The Verge, etc)
  • Embed videos from Vimeo and YouTube only.
  • Don’t use industry-focused and tech videos older than 2 years (as an exception – speeches of Steve Jobs, etc.)
  • Make sure the video corresponds to the text.
  • Make a video logical part of the text, guide readers to it.
  • Describe what’s in the video.

Submitting your guest post

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