Gamifying an ERP & CRM platform for direct door-to-door sales

  • Location: USA
  • Industry: Retail
Client & product

Our client is a US-based company that provides software to improve the performance of sales departments.

MapMan is a resource planning and customer relationship management system with a gamification engine. Its aim is to engage employees, improve their productivity, and therefore increase sales.


Our client wanted to find ways to gamify the sales process and design a motivating and intuitive system around it. As every sale involved a lot of paperwork, which limited the efficiency of salespeople. We had to simplify the procedure.

We also needed to make the agent assignment easier and give the admins a way to divide the map into individual territories. Finally, the company owners wanted to monitor the performance of an entire company in a real-time and instantly boost sales if needed.

Job done

To get started, our business analyst investigated the domain and gamification approaches. He then came up with a list of approaches that would cover the majority of our client’s needs. Once that was done, we studied the routines of salespeople, learned which behaviors needed to be encouraged, and built a game system around them.

We put together a team that consisted of a project manager, designer, iOS developer, four back-end developers, two front-end developers, and two quality assurance specialists. They built a highly capable gamified ERP and CRM SaaS platform with an intuitive web UI and an iOS app to monitor and manage personnel. There are 4 roles: Super admin that adds clients to the system, admin of the company, local managers and salesman. Each of them has own interface.

Implemented features

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User accounts have Player Levels, Daily Quests, Bonuses, Rank, and other stats.

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Game Store

Mapcoins — an in-app virtual currency can be earned for tasks and exchanged for prizes in the in-app store. Managers add items through the admin panel.

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Work area

Provides an easy way to assign areas to salespeople and see their statistics.

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Built-in messenger

Managers can communicate with their employees through the in-app messenger.

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Performance management

Company owners and employees have a general picture of the entire company performance and can easily dive into details.

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Motivation management

Company owners can easily increase the motivation of the salespeople by increasing the amount of reward in few clicks. For example, if it’s a rainy day, the reward will be multiplied by two.


The client received a custom ERP and CRM system that resolved three major issues with the sales workflow:

  • Reduced the amount of paperwork for each case and provided an easy method of reporting
  • Increased the engagement of salespeople and instilled a spirit of competitiveness among them
  • Gave management intuitive tools to effectively track KPIs of salespeople and manage resources

After the introduction of MapMan to the workflow, salespeople became more motivated and productive.

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