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Christoph Renk, Founder & CEO at GommeHD.net


GommeHD.net’s existing website was based on a ready-made XenForo web forum solution, and was quite outdated. The client needed to redevelop and redesign their obsolete website into a full-fledged web portal, as well as facilitate the players’ needs and enhance their experience by implementing additional features and tools into it.

GommeHD didn’t have enough in-house resources at the time, therefore they decided to turn to Relevant Software to develop, test and deploy a web portal for the players of the GommeHD.net game server.


  • Business Analysis
  • Web Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance


  • Docker, LAMP,
  • Yii2, Websocket,
  • ReactJS,
  • RESTful API

The main objectives

  • Enhance social experience and increase retention rate One of the main new features were social ones, including Personal profile and News feed. We wanted to enable players to communicate with each other, find out the latest news and announcements, and read posts by other members of the GommeHD.net community. That would help GommeHD a lot in increasing the platform’s popularity.
  • Implement and synchronize Real-time game stats As statistics is a critical aspect of every game, the top priority for us was to provide players with their game stats and achievements. Gamers could also see how many others players are online. The statistics needed to be synchronized with the game server in real-time.
  • Build a Standalone Game Store solution A dedicated game shop would allow players to buy appearance adjustments and other in-game items.
  • Implement new designs The system had to produce reports that would be clearly understood by both accountant and company owner.


Integration with GommeHD game server is one of the main things that has challenged us down the road was a sophisticated API integration. There was a complex authorization mechanism through the server that we need to cope with. It was absolutely crucial to pull out all of the available GommeHD game server data correctly to avoid any sensitive or important data leaks.

Main features


We’ve minimized the client’s time & costs thanks to integrating Xenforo, and developed a custom game store instead of a standard integration of a ready solution.

Relevant team has implemented a mature Web portal, including a standalone Game Store for GommeHD.net.
This solution has helped the client considerably increase the number of players, raise the players’ loyalty and retention rate, improve productivity, and optimize processes.

With a community of over 2.65 million players and 20 thousand slots, GommeHD.net is Germany’s largest Minecraft network, and one of the largest in Europe as of today.

They are constantly growing, updating and adding new game modes, which helps them accommodate up to 20,000 active players on the server at the same time, and stay Germany’s most successful Minecraft server.

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