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How to Hire React.js Developers: Job Description, Interview Questions, And Salary Expectations

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Wherever you look, everyone wants to hire a React.js developer — yet few succeed. Are you facing the same situation? Job boards, LinkedIn feed, Glassdoor, you name it — most recruiters are hiring React.js developers these days. However, you can see these vacancies remain open for 2-3 months, sometimes half a year, meaning companies are struggling to find suitable candidates. React.js is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and in-demand JavaScript frameworks, meaning the number of projects and the need for developers will only increase. 

If you are reading this article, we assume you’ve witnessed a similar situation firsthand. The reasons are rather simple:

  • Your company’s location makes it hard to find React.js developers on the local market. There aren’t enough high-quality courses to prepare React.js developers with at least Strong Junior skills, not to mention businesses need Middle+ or Senior level specialists.
  • Even if you are able to find skilled React.js experts, their services are quite costly. It’s hard to have a say here as all skilled React.js developers can find employment easily, and their employers strive to retain such experts.
  • You either need or will soon need to expand your development team quickly with React.js expertise.

To deal with this reality, let’s look at the reasons for the ever-growing need to hire React.js developers, which are also quite simple:

  1. JavaScript is everywhere. Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, PwC, Amazon, Twitter, Udemy, and nearly 9,000 more companies worldwide use Node.js, React.js, React Native, and Electron to deliver desktop, web, and mobile apps. Good JavaScript developers are in extremely high demand.
  2. JavaScript covers the whole range of software delivery. You can build desktop apps with the Electron framework, backend functionality with Node.js, and mobile apps with React Native, without hiring a large team with diverse expertise. JavaScript will help ensure you have all you need to succeed:
    – usability and solid app performance
    – great frontend scalability due to React.js capabilities
    – codebase reusability, which speeds up the delivery of new apps and features.
  3. JavaScript is growing quickly. Check out the StackOverflow Trends for yourself — JavaScript is amongst the most popular languages in use today. The annual developer survey places JavaScript as the most popular language for professional developers in 2020. JavaScript holds the leading position by the number of GitHub repositories since 2014.
GitHub repositories

So why is it so hard to hire a React.js developer? Well, you can hire an inexperienced Junior rather easily or find a Middle specialist that might turn out to be a bad fit — but we doubt you would risk your project outcome in this way. What you need is an unemployed Senior, which is almost impossible to find. So what choices are left? We’re glad you asked. 

Really, there are only two: working with reputable freelancers on various portals or choosing to outsource React.js development to a trustworthy outstaffing company. In this article, we will cover both approaches, provide a list of skills to look for, outline interview questions for a React.js candidate, and provide approximate salary expectations from various regions across the globe.  

Please note that the salaries and hourly rates mentioned in this article don’t equal the cost of hiring offshore software developers through outsourcing companies. Read more about how offshore software development cost is formed in another article.

Skills required for React.js developer 

Let’s discuss briefly the hard and soft skills required for a React.js developer.

Hard skills include:

  • Excellent command of JavaScript. This is vital for understanding the architecture and flow of various app features and service components.
  • In-depth understanding of React.js concepts. Understanding the component lifecycle, JSX, Virtual DOM, and other concepts is vital to hit the ground running with your projects.
  • Mastery of frameworks, libraries, and tools. Knowledge of tools like Create React App, Material Kit React, Redux, React Router is a must. Not to mention ESLint, Webpack and Jest – the names every JavaScript developer should know.
  • Ability to write clear and concise code. This skill is essential to simplify app design and development. Thus, good React.js developers should follow the Google JavaScript Style Guide and other relevant best practices.
  • ES6, HTML/CSS. Self-explanatory, basic requirements for a frontend developer.
  • Experience with REST API/GraphQL, which is vital for integrating your apps with third-party platforms.
  • Experience with unit testing, Git, Github, and other DevOps and CI/CD tools. Modern development is agile in spirit and methods, so your future React.js developers should be able to use the DevOps instruments needed to streamline software delivery and management in production.

Soft skills include:

  • Ability to transform project requirements into technical specifications. By gathering all the required information quickly and accurately, you can ensure your future app meets the customer’s expectations instead of becoming a waste of time and money.
  • Sprint planning. Teamwork is essential in React development, as it encompasses all the aspects of software delivery. Thus, the ability to plan and execute tasks within a sprint scope is vital for meeting project deadlines and quotas.
  • Communication skills and open-mindedness. To work productively and advance at a steady pace, your devs should be able to communicate their ideas and accept the opinions of others. This style of teamwork is needed every day, not only in the planning stage.
  • Desire to learn. New tools and approaches emerge constantly, so your talents should continue learning to remain relevant.
  • Problem-solving skills. These skills are critical for both resolving technical debt and keeping team spirits high.
  • Giving and accepting constructive feedback. When team members look for ways to improve instead of someone to blame, everyone wins.

These skill requirements can translate into a job description for a React.js developer. Here’s how.

Job description example for a React.js developer

Below is an approximate job description for a React.js developer. Feel free to adapt it to the needs and specifics of your particular organization. It is by far not exhaustive and instead serves as a backbone for you to build upon.

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Who are we?
We are a software development company looking for a skilled Middle React.js developer to join our team and work on insert a brief project description here.

What is the project about?
Explain the future app’s core idea.

Professional requirements:
List the hard and soft skills required for this job, similar to the ones we mentioned earlier.

Main tasks and responsibilities:
– working with customers to transform product concepts into technical specifications
– delivering new apps and features according to schedule
– planning and implementing appropriate app design and architecture
– performing the full cycle of software delivery, from design to post-release support if needed

Language proficiency
An English B1-B2 level is usually expected.

Work conditions
List all details about the work conditions you want to share. For example, this might include working hours, the possibility of remote work, the number of paid sick days, annual vacation days, etc. 

Interview questions for React.js developers

The greatest challenge with technical interviews is the companies that need to know what to ask usually lack the in-house expertise required to evaluate if the answers are correct. When you have a React expert in-house already, he/she will know what to look for and what to ask. Otherwise, we recommend using this excellent 20-page-long listicle of React.js interview questions and answers for hard skills. Thus, the real question is whether or not you have access to the technical expertise needed to evaluate the candidate.

As for soft skills, there are multiple suggestions from various job portals and career consultancy agencies, such as this excellent example of soft skill interview questions from Indeed. You can expand on these ten questions to cover the situations your team faces frequently, making the questions unique to your organization.

React.js developers’ salaries in various countries

We mentioned how hiring React.js developers on your local markets could cost a fortune. Superb experts are either snatched up by big brands like Facebook and Uber or can land a job there easily. However, to form your project budgets accurately, it’s important to know how much React.js specialists earn in countries across the globe.

We gained insight from open sources like Glassdoor, Monster, Indeed, PayScale, and LinkedIn, as well as from our in-house network. While these estimates may fluctuate slightly, they provide a general, global picture of React developers’ salaries. We list median values, so while the US-based Middle React developers receive around $120,000 annually, Juniors can expect only around $70,000, while Senior level React developers and architects can earn up to $200,000 annually.

CountryYearly salary (average)Hourly rate (average)
the United States$120,000$57
the United Kingdom$72,000$36
the Netherlands$50,000$31
* Note that the salaries mentioned above don’t equal the cost of hiring software developers through Relevant. Read more about offshore software development costs in our article.

Why do these rates differ so much? The reason is quite simple and purely economical. The cost of living in Ukraine is much lower when compared to the EU or the U.S., and the taxation system for IT specialists is quite simplified. This enables top-level React.js developers to do well while charging modest hourly rates.

the average REACT.JS developer hourly rates

Hiring React.js developers: 2 common strategies

The Ukrainian job market isn’t full of unemployed React.js developers waiting to be hired. They work for software offshoring companies, which provide them with a stable source of income and a continuous influx of projects to choose from. Thus, hiring a React.js developer in Ukraine means selecting a reliable IT outstaffing company to work with — or working with a freelancer. Let’s take a closer look at these two approaches.

1. Hiring Freelancers

There are multiple freelance portals like TopTal, Upwork, Freelancer, YouTeam, etc. Each provides access to a selection of skilled specialists and displays their details. For example:

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  • hourly rates
  • seniority level
  • hundreds of clocked hours
  • project success rate
  • customer reviews, etc.

Therefore, you can filter through the pool of candidates easily and select the talent that matches your expectations most.


  • Transparent ratings based on previous customer reviews
  • Simple filtering by various parameters
  • Consolidation of communication, work tracking, and billing into a single place

The potential downsides, however, can be significant.


  • You must provide system access to outsiders and rely on their honesty
  • Tasks can be delegated to other contractors, which is detrimental to product quality
  • Time tracking is quite complex and cannot be audited
  • You must pay platform fees

This is why many startups choose to tap into the global talent pool and outsource React.js development to reputable software houses.

2. Hiring React.js developers through software houses

Working for a software house is a win-win choice for aspiring React.js developers. By choosing this path, talents receive a continuous flow of tasks and opportunities to learn, increasing their expertise and allowing them to grow in seniority. Meanwhile, customers get instant access to a pool of experienced specialists who can deliver high-quality code within the expected time and budget.

How, then, can you find a reliable software house? You can look for accolades, badges from platforms like G2 Crowd and Clutch, reviews from satisfied customers, and more. Be sure to read the case studies they provide to see if their project descriptions relate to your next idea. But most importantly, have several technical calls with the company. By discussing your project and hearing how they can help, you will understand if they are confident in their work and can prove their expertise.


  • Instant access to a pool of relevant talents
  • Ready teams able to deliver value from day one
  • Established processes of time tracking and reporting
  • Legal protection of your rights through NDA and SLA


  • Knowledge holders leave your team after the project ends
  • You must ensure developer documentation is available and of high quality to ease future project onboarding
  • Occasionally, you must wait till the team finishes a previous project to kick-off yours.

How we help companies onboard React.js developers

Relevant Software is a well-known software house that specializes in providing full-cycle software engineering services for startups and enterprises. We field experienced dedicated teams that deliver high-quality code to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. When it comes to project onboarding, this is an approximation of the process we use:

Gathering requirements

We perform a project analysis by communicating with your stakeholders to craft a project description, team size assessment, list of deliverables, and a project roadmap. This helps us create a list of requirements to assemble the right team for your project.

Talent selection

We shortlist the best candidates for every position. Our HR and technical specialists complete screenings, hard/soft skill checks, and select the best-fit candidates for a final interview with you. This way, we perform all the routine recruitment steps while you keep the final say.

Assembling the team

Usually, we can provide you with developers in a week. However, if there are no necessary specialists available, we offer recruitment services and a five-steps talent selection process. The services are already included in the cost. 

Integrating the team

We have established effective processes for integrating our dedicated teams with your in-house talents, workflows, and toolsets. You can meet your new team members in person by taking them for a couple of weeks to your location or by visiting our offices to sort out any questions about workflow details you might have.

The results

You select the project management model that suits you best (your PM works remotely with our team, our PM reports to you directly, etc.) and receive full control over your new team.

What about the case studies and previous customer reviews we mentioned earlier? Let’s share a little about those.

  • Airthings: We gathered a dedicated team of developers, including Node.js for backend, to build a dashboard to track indoor air quality through Airthings devices. Moreover, we created an interactive map to show the location of these devices.
  • GommeHD: Relevant delivered a web portal and online game store for one of the biggest Minecraft servers.
  • FirstHomeCoach: FirstHomeCoach is a UK-based fintech company whose product navigates buyers through the complicated steps of purchasing a property while connecting them with trusted advisors to help them secure a mortgage, get insurance, and handle all the legal paperwork.


As you can see, hiring a React.js developer is a complicated and risky process — yet it’s possible. You can find a real gem locally or look for a suitable, affordable remote employee across the globe. Working with freelancers requires you to rely on the reputation of corresponding platforms and handle project management overhead yourself. Or you can outsource React.js development to a trustworthy technology partner while you concentrate on business growth. And, of course, hiring a dedicated team in Ukraine will help reduce costs and provide you with access to skilled and reliable specialists.

Relevant Software has React.js expertise ready at your disposal. Contact us today and have React.js developers working on your project in a week.

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