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How and Why to Digitize Your Business with Mobile Apps: Today’s Guide

August 14, 2023

Think carefully – is your business living up to its full potential in this digital age? Are you leveraging mobile technologies to streamline operations, broaden your customer reach, and hold your ground in a strongly competitive landscape? If your answer isn’t a sure “yes,” then you’ve got to ask yourself, why not?

Nowadays, just about everyone has a smartphone glued to their hand. So to stay in the race, you’ve got to move with the times. It’s no longer just about adding a mobile app to your business toolbox; it’s about recognizing the critical role of digital transformation in your unique formula for success. 

So how do mobile apps help businesses, you may ask? What opportunities do they deliver? Keep reading to understand how to digitize business with mobile apps and why it matters more than ever.

How Digital Transformation Changes Today’s Business Landscape

So you wondered how to digitize your business? How does this metamorphosis happen, and why should you even bother? When we chew the fat about a company going digital or getting digitized, we’re not just chattering about a swap from scribbling on paper to tapping on keys. 

Going digital means weaving digital technology into every nook and cranny of your business, shaking up how you operate, and delivering value to your customers from the ground up. It’s not just about hopping onto the bandwagon of new technologies; it’s about a new way of thinking.

Take a traditional retail store, for example. Back in the day, customers would saunter in, browse the shelves, ask the salesperson for advice, and then make a purchase – or not. Now, look at this retailer from the digital focus. They could have an engaging mobile app offering bespoke shopping experiences. They could use AI and machine learning to suggest products tailored to customers’ previous purchases. They could even have a 24/7 chatbot, ready and waiting to answer queries. The store isn’t limited by physical boundaries anymore; it’s conveniently nestled right in the customer’s pocket. That’s the incredible power of business digitization!

And then, there’s the data – the jet fuel powering this digital revolution. Historically, businesses might gather sales data and customer feedback, as well as run the occasional survey to gain insights. But with digital transformation, a business can monitor website visits, measure user engagement, track social media activity, and so much more. This enormous, diverse ocean of data can be leveraged to delve deep into customer behavior, adjust marketing strategies, and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Hold on to your hats as the global digital transformation market soars to new heights! According to MarketsandMarkets, it will reach an astounding $3,144.9 billion by 2030. It’s crystal clear – software digitization isn’t just a fancy add-on; it’s an absolute must-have in today’s world.

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Importance of Digital TransformationImplications for Your Business
Competitive AdvantageDigitization of business processes enables faster and more efficient operations, thus saving time and costs.
Customer Experience EnhancementBy weaving mobile apps in business, you’re offering your customers personalized, always-there access to your products or services.
Increased ReachWhen you digitize your business processes, you’re opening up your business to new markets, to people you wouldn’t have otherwise reached.
Data-driven Decision MakingData digitization in companies brings big data to the table, serving up valuable insights to help you make smarter decisions.
Operational EfficiencyDigitizing your business smoothes your operations, reducing human errors, and boosting efficiency. It’s like adding a supercharger to your productivity engine.
Innovation and AgilityBy digitizing your business processes, you’re creating an environment that encourages innovation and quick adaptation to market changes.
Cost ReductionDigitizing your business automates routine tasks and reduces dependence on physical resources, leading to considerable cost savings. It’s a win-win!
Better CommunicationBusiness digitization facilitates better internal communication and collaboration through digital tools and platforms.
Increased Sales and RevenueDigitizing business processes, especially through mobile apps, can pump up your sales and revenue figures by improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

The Role of Mobile Apps in Driving Business Growth

Before we go further, let’s delve into your current consumers, the “Generation C.” No, that “C” doesn’t stand for a specific age bracket, geographical location, or income level. It stands for “Connected.” Their gadgets serve as gateways to pretty much everything – information, communication, shopping, entertainment, you name it! And here’s the kicker – they want your business to be just a tap away on their screens.

Digitize Business

That’s where mobile applications for businesses come into play with their ability to provide seamless, personalized experiences to these constantly connected users. Let’s take a clothing retailer as an example. In the old days, customers would need to visit the physical store, browse through stacks of clothes, try them on, and then stand in line to make a purchase. 

Now, with a mobile app, the same customer can browse the latest collections from their couch, zoom in on details, see reviews, add items to their virtual cart, and check out in a matter of minutes – no queues, no crowds, just comfort.

Mobile apps also bring a host of other advantages. With in-app notifications, businesses can instantly inform users about special deals or new products, nudging them toward a purchase. With features like user profiles, wishlists, and order histories, businesses can offer tailored recommendations, increasing the chances of a sale. With feedback systems, companies can also directly connect with customers, turning a simple transaction into a conversation and building a loyal community around the brand.

Furthermore, mobile apps can be repositories of valuable data. How much time are users spending in the app? Which products or services are most popular? What are the peak visiting hours? This data can drive smarter decision-making, helping businesses adapt and grow in the dynamic digital marketplace.

Why Should You Digitize Your Business with Mobile Apps

Digital transformation drives your business forward, and mobile apps are one of the most powerful accelerators along the way. According to the last statistical data, mobile app development will generate more than $613 billion in revenue by 2025. But these figures are insufficient to showcase why companies digitize. Here are additional arguments why the mobile app is important for business:

The Shift in Consumer Behavior

Here’s the deal: modern consumers are all about speed, personalization, and simplicity. According to eMarketer, the average American adult devotes four hours daily to mobile apps and checks their phone 262 times daily. In fact, 88% of mobile time is used on apps that have revolutionized convenience. Be it late-night shopping, booking appointments on the go, or browsing products during a commute, they’ve enabled consumers to engage with businesses on their own terms.

Enhanced Customer Engagement and Experience

Mobile apps deserve a hat tip for providing multi-platform engagement. They’re like interactive bridges connecting businesses and consumers. Whether it’s dishing out personalized offers based on user behavior or offering real-time customer service, mobile apps can supercharge customer engagement and experience.

Add the magic of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) into the mix, and the realm of personalized services goes next level. Picture cosmetic brands providing virtual try-on features or e-learning platforms tailoring unique learning paths – all made possible by the power of mobile apps.

Increased Reach and Market Penetration

Now, your business, unhindered by geographical barriers, can be accessible to a global audience at any time, anywhere. With mobile apps, your brand could be in the palms of potential customers, spanning different time zones and continents. This kind of expansive reach can propel your sales and brand recognition to new heights. Plus, let’s not forget the tech-savvy younger generation, whose lives are practically synced to their smartphones—you’ve got a direct line to them.

Improved Business Efficiency and Productivity

Mobile apps can give your business a major backstage boost, ramping up efficiency and productivity like never before. Operations like inventory control and scheduling appointments are all streamlined. Tasks, such as sending customer notifications and collecting feedback, are all automated. But it doesn’t stop there – the data collected through your app can offer some real nuggets of wisdom, guiding smarter decisions and strategy building.

Competitive Advantage and Brand Building

In this bustling marketplace where being unique is paramount, having a mobile app in your arsenal does more than just label you as a tech-savvy business. It enhances your brand image, loud and clear. It’s your way of showing customers you’re all in when it comes to offering them a top-notch experience. Over time, this can be the ace up your sleeve, giving you a firm edge over the competition. 

Types of Applications for Businesses

Let’s explore a few pivotal types of business apps that could revamp your company’s operations and customer interactions:

  • Loyalty Apps: Loyalty apps, ever heard of them? They’re like your digital ‘punch cards’, keeping your customers hooked and feeling rewarded. These apps let folks rack up points, unlock special treats, get their hands on personalized deals, or even access exclusive content. It’s like a little ‘thank you’ for being a loyal customer. Take the Starbucks app, for instance. It’s not just about ordering your favorite brew ahead of time or paying right from your phone. Nope, it’s about earning points, redeeming them, and getting your hands on some pretty sweet deals. And, speaking of loyalty apps, we created one for our client. It was tailor-made and packed with perks!
  • Office Productivity Apps: From keeping tabs on tasks and tracking time to smoothing out team collaboration, these apps are the oil in your operation’s engine. Take Asana, for example – it’s like having a project manager in your pocket. Then there’s Slack for team chats and Google Workspace for working together on documents. They’re transforming the way teams work, making everyone more efficient and synced up. Want to know more about employee time-tracking software? Just give this a look.
  • Business-specific Apps: No two businesses are the same. That’s why there are apps designed to match your industry’s unique needs. Think about it: a real estate app offering virtual tours on the screen, a banking app that makes your finances available at a tap of a button, or a mobile healthcare IoT app enabling you to consult with doctors without leaving your couch. These business-specific apps aren’t just add-ons – they can seriously boost your services and transform your customer’s experience. Isn’t that something?
  • Appointment Scheduling Apps: Forget about phone calls or overflowing email inboxes when it comes to booking appointments – those days are long gone. Whether you’re running a hair salon or a consultancy firm, appointment scheduling apps have got you covered. They offer your clients the freedom to check your availability, secure a slot, and even handle payment, all when it suits them. You might have heard of apps like Calendly or Acuity Scheduling? These are examples of appointment-scheduling apps.

Mobile CRM and Sales Support Apps: Imagine having all your customer data at your fingertips, being able to follow up instantly, or keeping track of your sales goals, all while you’re on the move. It’s like your office in your pocket, isn’t it? That’s especially handy for those of us always out and about meeting clients. Heard of Salesforce or Zoho CRM? They’re the top players in this game, helping teams stay on top of their sales hustle wherever they are. By the way, we have experience in developing gamified CRM and ERP system.

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How We Digitize Your Business with Mobile Apps

Digitization in business isn’t a one-and-done deal. It’s a long and winding journey. It takes careful planning, precision in execution, and constant refinement – who better than us to know this? We’ll talk briefly about what this digital transformation might look like with us.

Define Objectives and Business Needs

The point is you wouldn’t embark on a journey without a clear destination in mind, right? The principle holds true for your enterprise app development as well. You’ve got to have clear goals. Ask yourself, what’s your app aiming to do? Maybe you want to boost customer interaction, streamline the way things work in-house, or tap into a fresh market. Once you’ve set your sights on those goals, they’ve got to sync up with your business needs.

Identify Target Audience and User Needs

Let’s get one thing straight – your app should cater primarily to your users. To make an app that truly resonates, you need to have a crystal-clear understanding of your target audience and their needs. This isn’t some light suggestion, it’s a mandate.

It’s a matter of shaping your app’s functionality, design, and overall user experience. How do we get there? We research, conduct surveys, and even delve into their social media habits. The goal isn’t just to understand your users but to embody them, to see your app through their eyes. This isn’t just about making a good app, it’s about making the right app for your audience.

Choose the Right App Development Approach

Picking the right approach for your mobile app development? It’s a bit like choosing the materials to build a house. It doesn’t just shape the creation process but also how robust, user-friendly, and enduring the final product is.

You have several options here. Native apps are like a brick house – they offer superior performance. Hybrid apps are more like a prefab home – they’re quick to put together and get out there. And then there are progressive web apps – think of them as the city apartment complex, reaching as many people as possible. The right pick? That boils down to what your business needs, how much you’re willing to spend, and of course, who you’re trying to reach. To make it easier for you to understand, you can study our article – PWA vs. Native Apps, where we have detailed their differences.

Collaborate with a Reliable App Development Partner

Building an app? It can feel a bit like scaling a mountain. Having an experienced guide by your side definitely makes the journey less daunting. So, when you’re weighing up whether to develop in-house or outsource, think about the cost, the expertise you’ve got on hand, and how quickly you want to hit the market.

Create a User-Friendly Design

Look, a solid design isn’t just about a “pretty interface”. It’s all about how your app works. Make the design intuitive and user-friendly, and you have an app people will love. Get it wrong? Your app might be uninstalled quicker than you can say ‘bad design.’

When we’re in the driver’s seat designing your app, we don’t just think about how it looks – we’re all about how it works. And remember, in app design, less is often more. Overcomplicated things? Not with us.

Test, Launch, and Promote Your Mobile App

Before your app takes the limelight, it must undergo an exhaustive check-up — that’s what testing is for. It’s our definitive process to ensure your app is fully tuned, void of any hiccups, and prepared to provide a seamless user experience. Yet, the hard work doesn’t stop at the launch. Active promotion of your app and listening to user feedback are essential steps to keep your app thriving.

Digitization in business

Relevant Software – Your Reliable App Development Partner

Want to make the mobile app development process a breeze? That’s where we come in. At Relevant Software, we shine in:

  • Custom Mobile App Development: Let our seasoned team of iOS, Android, and cross-platform developers, UI/UX designers, QA experts, and DevOps engineers use their decade-long experience to create stellar mobile solutions for you.
  • Legacy Mobile App Upgrade: Breathe new life into your outdated mobile app, reinvent its architecture, or jazz up those antiquated, clumsy interfaces. Our Solution Architects will assess your app and tailor the best solutions that align with your business requirements and industry norms.
  • Mobile-First UI/UX Design: Elevate your digital product with our mobile-first design strategy. Expect responsive layouts, superior customer experience, high accessibility, and effortless navigation. We’ll guide you in enhancing your customers’ digital experience, from comprehensive research to swift prototyping.
  • Mobile Strategy Consulting: Speed up your product’s time-to-market, fortify your product roadmap, and obliterate quality issues with our consulting services. Our Business Analysts and Solution Architects will help select the right infrastructure and architecture, advise on tools and approaches, and answer your queries throughout the journey.

So, here’s the deal – when you choose Relevant Software, you’re not just hiring a service provider. Nope, you’re gaining a partner as invested in your digital journey as you are. We’re committed, capable, and ready to roll up our sleeves and dive into your project. So, why wait? Let’s connect, and together, let’s create an app that doesn’t just exist but truly makes a mark!


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