Speeding up marketing reporting

  • Location: The Netherlands
  • Industry: Martech
Client & product

Douply is a digital marketing agency located in the Netherlands.
They needed an analytics platform to provide advertising reports, evaluate marketing campaigns, and improve the effectiveness of those campaigns.

Our client wanted this platform to be intuitive, presenting data in a concise, user-friendly manner. It also had to provide a large number of filtering and sorting tools to make data extraction seamless.


The most challenging task was implementing the API connections in a way that would not exceed Google, Facebook, and other services’ tolerances, and would not result in a ban. Marketers needed the ability to see stats in a convenient dashboard, create custom reports on the fly and export them in a suitable file format. Additionally, we heavily optimized the database and made sure that it could be processed in real-time even under a lot of stress.

Job done

Our team built a reporting system and ensured smooth integration of data from Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, and other major advertising providers through their APIs. To prevent bans, we used official API keys and diversified requests.

To solve the other issues, we designed a way to display the maximum amount of data on a single screen. We also came up with a simple yet functional report template editor. Finally, to resolve performance issues, we transferred data to NoSQL — a primitive yet efficient database.

Implemented features

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Posting managers can create projects and update them live with additional requirements and supporting documentation. Those who placed bids are notified about the changes.

2 (1)

Request for information

Each project has a section with a live discussion of project details and requirements.

3 (1)

Combined analytics

Stores reports from different services, including those provided by Facebook, AdWords, and other industry leaders, and lets users view and compare these reports at any time.

4 (1)

Billing and payments system

Charges customers for services provided with an option to sign up for an automatic monthly subscription.


Douply received a marketing analytics solution that completely meets their specifications. As requested, it:

  • Allows market analysts to spend less time creating reports and constantly keep an eye on the big picture.
  • Gives Douply employees an opportunity to manage and present their data much more easily, freeing more
    of their time for other tasks.
  • Provides a convenient way to export data to PDF.

Combined, these features have allowed our client’s marketing managers and analysts to do their jobs more efficiently and provide higher quality services.

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