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Digital security solutions for comprehensive and proactive data defence


Today there are more hacking incidents than ever before, and this is a major concern for businesses. Cybercriminals develop more and more sophisticated methods of accessing sensitive data and obstructing business processes due to the evolution of information security threats. Data is an asset, and if not properly secured, it makes businesses weak. All companies today may be divided into three types: those who have been attacked, those who haven’t as yet, and those who know the main vectors of cybersecurity attacks, and who have their websites and applications properly protected.

Some vulnerabilities may look not so severe in theory, but in practice, they have a catastrophic impact on businesses: they lead to considerable financial losses, business reputation damages, and even to bankruptcy. Organizations worldwide understand the paramount value of the enterprise data, and they are being seriously challenged to ensure data protection and security in order to prevent data breaches and resulting financial losses.

Relevant Software team is extensively experienced in IT information security. We offer a wide range of defense-grade cyber security services that help digital enterprises stay ahead of cyber threats.

We help businesses:

  • Mitigate risks of cybersecurity attacks
  • Identify potential data breach vulnerabilities
  • Ensure business processes and operations continuity
  • Guarantee safety in networks and systems
  • Safeguard sensitive enterprise and customer data

Our cyber security solutions meet industry security standards and regulatory compliance requirements, including OWASP recommendations. We follow best security practices and secure coding standards to suggest the required security scope and coverage, offer customized guidance for remediation, and enforce a comprehensive security strategy. Also, we integrate security into our solutions at every stage of software development lifecycle for stronger data protection.

Security services

Security evaluation

Comprehensive security audit to guarantee your product is safe enough against cyber attacks

Penetration testing

Simulated hacker attack that gains access to product’s features and data, and helps detect security vulnerabilities

Security Assessment

Estimation of overall application’s level of security prior to its market release

Manual code review

Identification of security issues only visible in code review, location where they are in the code, and improvement of the product’s security posture

Data security solutions

Data encryption to safeguard sensitive information and intellectual property

Information security audit

A series of security tests to assess the level of information security within an organization and ensure the data and assets are protected

Risk management

Analysis of potential security risks and resulting losses, and providing decisions on how to address identified risks

Incident response plan

Instructions on how to respond to data breaches, malware outbreaks, and hacker attacks

Incident forensics

Rapid response solutions for organizations who suspect a successful hack or attack of any kind

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