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Mobile Application Development

The world is going mobile. Mobile-centricity is transforming the way day-to-day business operations are done. Mobile devices are no longer just on-the-go means of communication, but also gateways to connected business. Today companies are facing serious challenges to stay ahead of the competition in the ever-changing entrepreneurial environment. But, at the same time, they are starting to realize the immense potential of mobility, which unlocks new opportunities, opens new revenue streams, and creates new mobile-driven business processes.

We, at Relevant Software, have a rich set of expertise to design, build, and test efficient, feature-rich, and scalable mobile applications across platforms and devices. We deliver mobile applications of any complexity: from simple messengers and social media to super sophisticated on-the-go CRM solutions. We carry your idea through the full-cycle mobile design and development process, from initial concept to UI/UX design, prototyping, coding, testing, and delivery, helping you break into new markets, harvest from investments, and avoid all possible pitfalls.

Our apps provide seamless customer experiences, improve brand loyalty and recognition, and gain more sales. Our design and development teams work closely together to develop high-usability mobile apps for smartphones (iOS, Android), tablets and wearables.

Mobile application development process


We learn your business objectives and needs, identify key challenges, and capture explicit and implicit user requirements. Then, we develop the initial concept of the app


We develop app design concept that includes wireframes for visual interpretation of the interaction model, UI mapping, navigation flows, intuitive interactions, UX prototype as a baseline for development. We develop a feel of what the app will look like to ensure every screen is amazing


We employ cutting-edge technologies and frameworks while coding the designed apps. If you need an innovative mobile app, it’s reasonable to develop an MVP first to evaluate the competitiveness of the app

Feature Richness

In custom application development we can implement any feature to complement your app: social networks’ APIs, geolocation search, push and in-app notifications, and much more

Quality Assurance

We hold quality control checks at every stage of mobile app development to ensure the highest quality and reliability

User Testing

We evaluate the usability of the app, gather feedbacks, and acquire actionable insights by having real people try it out


We prepare the mobile app for submission to App Store and Google Play, fill in the descriptions, and streamline the approval process


We analyze a set of metrics to improve user engagement and conversion rate, implement new features, and streamline user experience

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