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Business Analysis

In high-paced and ever-changing entrepreneurial environment many companies strive to maintain a strategic advantage. They frequently have to move away from their core business focus and concentrate on improving and streamlining their operations and processes. Some organizations lack time, resources and necessary skillset to optimize their operational efficiency and business performance in-house. However, they can supplement their own team with a Business Analyst (BA).

BAs are the catalysts of change. They apply proven industry-grade practices to the reengineering of our clients’ business processes; and they are intermediary professionals who serve as consultants, representatives of client’s interests, and help ensure successful delivery of the right product.

We help businesses:

  • Uncover new opportunities to improve business processes
  • Reduce complexities
  • Prevent extra team growth
  • Enhance team productivity
  • Prepare realistic plan for success

BAs are masters of both business and technology language and serve as connecting links between customers and the development team while working on software development project, organizational change, or strategic planning.

Business analysis process:

  • Discover client’s primary expectations
  • Select appropriate communication channels
  • Analyze the client’s business processes
  • Conduct feasibility studies
  • Clarify scope, requirements, and business objectives, as well as costs and deadlines
  • Deliver and prioritize a complete set of requirements
  • Ensure requirements meet the client’s business needs
  • Prepare a document of specifications
  • Create a go-forward concept of the project
  • Conduct initial risk assessment
  • Choose right project methodology
  • Plan the development process
  • Support the technical implementation
  • Ensure reduced rework and shortened project length
  • Measure ROI

Achieve predictable business results!

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