Spindy is a customer loyalty platform of a new type that combines real-time promotions with exciting gamification technology to engage customers and grow retail business. Customers get a chance to win up to 100% of cash back right after the purchase.


  • Invent a new approach to loyalty platform that would appeal to customers
  • Develop Customer Loyalty Platform of a new type based on this approach
  • Avoid any spam techniques in app popularization
  • Encourage long-term B2C relationship


  • Gamification

    A chance to win up to 100% of cash back right after the purchase became a competitive advantage of the app over regular loyalty platforms.
  • Fraud Screening System

    Two-level validation of every reward secures store owner from fraud.
  • Billing and Payment

    The system automatically processes all transactions related to the store and reward amount.
  • Reward Settings

    Store owner defines the budget size for every of his stores and merchants can easily control and manage their promotions in real-time.
  • Gamification

    Unlike typical loyalty platforms or discount coupons where the bonus is predefined the app gives a chance to win up to 100% of cash back right after the purchase. Spin the wheel and find out the outcome right away.

  • Reward Settings

    Control and manage promotions in the store easily. Once the budget is depleted the rewards generation process stops automatically and there’s no third party control of promotion details or sales duration.

  • Billing and Payment

    Both customers and store owners can enter their bank details and the system will automatically process all transactions related to the specific store and amount of every reward.

  • Fraud Screening System

    Every reward passes through two-level validation process. This ensures that store owners will not get cheated along the way.

  • Viral Network Effect

    Customers share news about the game and their wins instead of direct promotion of the product, thus not breaking the sacred trust of social networks. Users don't feel spammed and continue the viral cycle.

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