Radio Skovoroda is an online radio station that provides music and informational content aiming to educate and inspire its audience. IT solutions, which include a website, mobile apps, Chrome extension and a widget, help the radio station to provide the content effectively and are focused on ease of use, modern design and various platforms support.


  • Work out IT solutions that will bring the radio station to a new level
  • Develop a new modern website that will support the concept of the radio station
  • Provide users with easy access to the radio station from various devices and platforms


  • Custom Design

    In close cooperation with the radio team we created modern design that supports the concept of the progressive and independent radio station.
  • Mobile Apps

    The development of mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone allowed to cover the overwhelming majority of mobile users.
  • Integrated Player

    Real time radio streaming and podcast recordings are integrated within one single player available on every website page.
  • Chrome Extension and Widget

    Chrome extension provides quick access to radio station streams, while the widget is used to display the banner of the radio station on other websites.
  • Dynamic and Intuitive UI

    The deep analysis of user’s behavior allowed us to create intuitive interface for every detail of the website. The website supports five most popular screen dimensions as well as displays with higher pixel density, such as Retina display on Apple’s devices.
    AngularJS technology enables quick transition between website pages. Users receive real time information about current and recently played tracks.

  • Integrated Player

    All components of the player, i.e. music stream, radio stream and podcasts, are designed as one system which allows to quickly switch between different modes, have a shared volume and resume from the same place later. The player works for mobile browsers and the latest versions of all modern desktop browsers.

  • Programs and Podcasts

    Users can choose among programs on various topics, such as design, travels, classical music, media trends etc and select separate episodes (podcasts) in each program, easily switch between podcasts, rewind and resume listening from the same place later.

  • Schedule

    Integration with Google Calendar allows a user to add a schedule of live events to the personal calendar, and a program director to easily manage the schedule thanks to Google Calendar’s availability on many platforms and devices.

  • Mobile Apps

    The development of mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone allowed to cover 99.7% of mobile users. Applications display recently played tracks, provide easy access to music and online radio streams and let you share tracks on social and other media channels.

  • Chrome Extension and Widget

    Chrome extension is a convenient add-on for the web browser toolbar which allows to get instant access to the radio station stream without the need to open an additional tab. Add to Google Chrome

    Other websites can easily integrate the radio station widget. The widget displays the current track of the radio station and helps to promote the radio station website to a new audience. View on GitHub

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