Payroll system automates the process of salary and bonus calculation taking into account corporate standards and business processes of the client’s company. It provides detailed reporting for each employee, statistics and agile setting system for salaries based on combination of over 50 factors.


  • Raise the efficiency of the accountant staff by decreasing the amount of manual calculations
  • Find a solution to detect errors within payrolls
  • Provide company owner with a convenient and clear tool for statistics analysis


  • Sophisticated calculation algorithm

    Weeks spent on salary calculation turned into minute due to algorithm that performs tremendous calculations in just one click taking into account more than 50 parameters.
  • Error recognition system

    The system detects errors based on the database of existing variables which can be accessed and managed by the user when necessary.
  • Report and statistics system

    The system generates an individual report for each agent and a master report for each salary period.
  • Calculation Algorithm

    The system allows to set individual salary rules for one or a group of agents with an appropriate set of parameters and options. The value of each salary parameters for the same agent could vary and depends on agent’s efficiency for the period and paraments of each sale.

  • Error Recognition System

    After user has uploaded the files with sales, the system automatically sorts them in three categories: good, with errors, and duplicated. Problematic records could be deleted or edited by a user. While editing user fixes value or adds it to the variable database.

  • Report and Statistics System

    The system generates a master report for each salary period which includes information about company income, the amount spent for agents’ bonuses, commissions and overrides. The report calculates net revenue of each department and the whole company.

  • Individual Report Generation

    The system generates an individual report for each agent with a detailed description of agent's salary. The reports could be viewed as PDF and printed or saved as PDF and XLS.

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