MapMan is a gamified ERP and CRM SaaS system for business processes automation of the companies which perform direct sales of gas and electricity services at the US market. The system is designed to enhance sales agents’ performance and provide company managers with an effective employee management tool.


  • Motivate sales agents and enhance their performance which suffers from routine tasks and tons of paperwork
  • Provide team managers with a convenient tool for task assignment and progress monitoring
  • Provide top management with a tool for statistics gathering and analysis


  • Gamification

    We defined the list of behaviors needed to encourage increase of agent’s KPI and selected the appropriate gamification techniques to support each of those behaviors.
  • Statistics

    Performance of every sales agent can be evaluated by the top management with the help of statistics diagram.
  • Map Profiles

    To reduce loads of time spent by managers defining the right territory for every agent we designed Map Profile, an area on a map with a specific set of data.
  • Reports

    Audio recording of the sales process allows company managers to verify each sale made by the agent.
  • Gamification

    The system supports various kinds of tournament achievements and competitions. To reward an agent for successful participation in the game activities we implemented in-app currency, Mapcoins, which could be exchanged for real prizes at the Game Store within the app.

  • Main Gamification Features

    • Levels System. Grouping agents according to their skills and performance allows to select a proper difficulty level for every participant.
    • Daily Quests & Bonuses. Agents have daily tasks, each with it's own milestones and rewards and can earn bonuses for elaborating work discipline.
    • Leaderboards. Agents show their best results while competing with each other, within their team, department or company.
    • Game Shop. Agents earn Mapcoins which could be exchanged for real prizes at the in-app Game Store.
  • Map Profiles

    Map Profile is a particular area on a map with relevant demographic data, overall leads amount and records of all previous visits. It can be easily created once, reused as many times as needed and assigned to an agent by a simple click.

    We created analytical system which assessed every Map Profile according to the demographic data and assigned an appropriate rank to it. All actions within every Map Profile can be easily tracked. Map Profile allowed to solve the issue with processing of the same territories by two agents.

  • Statistics

    The most important company’s events are displayed at each statistics diagram. This feature makes it easy for the top management to define causes of the sales agent’s KPI changes.

  • Reports

    Every sale made by the agent is supplemented with an audio recording of agent’s conversation with the customer and the photo of the customer’s documents. This helps company managers to verify each sale and assess agent’s efficiency.

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