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Increase your team's capacity by hiring talented software engineers based in Ukraine. Get specialists of any expertise and seniority in a matter of weeks.

1. Boost your development capacity with quality talent

Quickly hire senior developers with advanced degrees and solid experience in your domain. Our engineers don’t just receive tasks and write code, they think in terms of value, solutions and solving real problems.

2. Get access to a large tech talent pool

Ukraine is one of the largest tech talent pools in the world with 200k+ engineers and ranks 5th among top IT service exporters, according to PwC. It also is in the top 10 emerging market locations for offshore services, according to Gartner.

3. Reduce time spent on recruitment

The average time-to-hire for a software developer is 1.5 months. We can provide you with our staff, who will be ready to start work within one week. We also take care of recruitment and handpick developers according to your requirements.

4. Reduce expenses

Outsourcing to us saves you from paying for offices, workspaces, equipment, coffee etc. Also, the hourly rates of developers in Ukraine are significantly lower than those in the US and Europe.

5. Be flexible with a team size

You can scale up and down your team size with a notice period of 1 month, without worrying about the firing process. Moreover, you can request part-time employees to do a specific task in a technology outside your tech stack.

6. Get dedicated full-time engineers

The engineers provided to you work full-time solely on your projects. They are dedicated to your product and are interested in success. They become a true part of your team.

7. Don’t worry about security

We have cybersecurity in our service line and our infrastructure is secure. Relevant ensures that all the code and documentation stay safe and non-disclosed.

8. Forecast your budget

As you pay a fixed monthly fee for our services, you can plan your budget ahead.

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