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We develop loyalty systems that help increase customer retention and provide a brand enhancing experience

Loyalty Systems

With the ubiquity of digital technology and connected mobile devices, consumers have access to a broader than ever selection of superior products and services at their fingertips, and they are starting to want more – unrivaled experiences and emotions, regardless of the channel. Consequently, in the highly competitive marketplace, retailers are under pressure to expand their digital and omnichannel capabilities and create strategies built around consumer expectations.

In order to survive, retailers need to have 360-degree view of their consumers and build relationships with them. What strategies help keep consumers coming back?

The best way to capture high loyalty numbers is to motivate and engage consumers across their buying journey by rewarding their transactions and engagement. Consumers are much more likely to purchase in stores or use services where they participate in loyalty programs. They are enthusiastic about spending as little as possible, looking for discounts, collecting rewards, points, and incentives.

At Relevant Software, we help retailers and direct sales companies keep their customer engagement engines on by developing tailored customer-facing loyalty systems that go beyond mere discounts, sale offers, and rewards. Our integrated loyalty systems help collect large volumes of the right customer data, that is not limited to just demographical or geographical data, but also includes customer behavior patterns, buying preferences and interests, as well as transactional data generated in the buying process. We leverage rigorous data analytics to get a holistic view of the consumers and fuel personalized interactions.

Our loyalty systems enable convenient management of all possible types of discounts, coupons, cashbacks, points, freebies, special offers, one-of-a-time events. Retailers can set rewards for new enrollments, birthdays, spending tiers, goals reached, visits, social media shares, leaving reviews, etc. Also, we carefully handle privacy of your consumers and prioritize security to protect their personal data.

Our loyalty systems include branded web and mobile apps that operate consistency across channels and help improve communication, repeat visits, and considerably increase customer spending.

We deliver:

  • Easy log in for customers with their social profiles
  • Possibility to check balance on the go
  • Rewards may be redeemed online or instore
  • Omnichannel approach
  • Personalized treatment of every consumer
  • Harnessing and monetizing social media
  • Smart notifications solutions
  • Data analytics for customer profiles
  • Gamification elements
  • Customized rewards based on the context of interaction
  • Automated emails
  • Segmentation and targeting of consumers

As well, we develop corporate loyalty systems that recognize employee performance by providing rewards for reaching certain goals. These systems help continuously motivate and engage employees and create a sense of progress in them, as well as help retain employees and reduce turnover, increase productivity and grow profit margins.

Keep your customers coming back for more!

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