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Human Capital Management

Talented people are an engine of a successful organization. Their knowledge, skills, and expertise, paired with the spark of human creativity, are what propels an organization forward in the highly competitive business environment. However, the drum of digital transformation beats louder every day. And, as the businesses are reinventing themselves, the tasks that were previously performed by humans are now handled over to software.

We help companies focus on their core competencies and get human capital management (HCM) simplified by orchestrating humans and machines together. We develop mature HCM solutions and human resources (HR) software that helps companies digitize and streamline the processes of acquisition, engaging, compensation, retention and promotion of their top-performing workforce.

We help businesses:

  • Measure employee performance
  • Trim overhead and eliminate redundant processes
  • Optimize talent and close talent gaps
  • Establish performance metrics
  • Simplify workflows and enable effective employees collaboration
  • Provide complete visibility into the workforce
  • Increase productivity through automation
  • Align top talents with key business objectives
  • Facilitate compensation management
  • Reduce time-to-hire
  • Accurate work-time control
  • Streamline communication by social media integration
  • Granular access control to sensitive employee information

Our HCM software with built-in data analytics and business intelligence analyzes massive amounts of employees data in order to enable smart workforce decisions. Our systems manage the whole employee lifecycle, from recruiting and onboarding to learning, payroll, time and absence, and employee data analytics.

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