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We create immersive virtual experiences that facilitate innovation and reinvent business environment


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are no longer futuristic predictions or sci-fi movie elements. They became parts of our everyday reality, transforming the way we live and communicate. Today these technologies still have a long way to go, but they are already mature enough for the enterprises to leverage them as powerful tools to enhance their businesses.

VR technology creates completely new reality by placing a user into 360-degree imaginary world. VR completely blocks the sight of the real world and immerses a user into ultimately digital environment. A user is totally concentrated on the all-embracing digital content, and his/her brain is tricked to perceive imaginary world as real.

AR technology adds a digital layer to the real world and creates a continuous view of both the real and virtual worlds. A user can interact with the digital overlay and non-existing objects with different types of devices. Information or image contextual overlays appear on screens or as holograms around the user. AR technology enhances the real world, makes it digitally manipulative and interactive.

Interest in AR and VR is now gaining momentum, as over the last few years the cost of the AR/VR (particularly, head-mounted devices (HMDs) hardware has significantly decreased. The main platform for VR is a smartphone, as it has powerful computing capabilities, high-resolution display, small size and light weight.

At Relevant Software, we are passionate about innovative technologies. We understand, that while physical and digital worlds are merging, the nature of digital interactions is also changing. We are constantly looking for solutions that optimize AR/VR technologies for everyday use, and adjust high-tech innovations for business environments.

We deliver for:

  • Retail (virtual stores and fitting rooms)
  • Gaming and entertainment
  • Interactive education (simulation excersises)
  • Real estate (experience of the premises before the consrtuction start)
  • Media and advertisement
  • Architecture and furniture manufacturing (exterior and interior virtual tours)
  • Publishing (activating printing materials with QR codes and AR)
  • Tourism (sightseeing virtual tours)

We help businesses:

  • Enhance communication (simulated conference rooms, 3D presentations)
  • Improve employee training experience
  • Reach next-level branding and marketing (highly personalized experience on HMDs, vizualized content)
  • Enrich user experiences
  • Enhance product presentations
  • Increase conversions

Transform your ideas into perceivable forms!

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