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Dreaming of a paperless office? We'll help your business design and develop a next-generation document management solution with rich feature sets and enhanced security.

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Document Management Software Development Services We Provide


Our document management consulting services will help you align your business goals and tech decisions so that you can make the most of your development projects.

Custom Software Development

Leverage our solid experience and unique expertise to create an industry-focused custom document management system tailored specifically to your business needs.

Third-Party Integration

Our document management developers will help you integrate your DMS with other software, so you can build an integrated system that fully meets the efficiency goal.

Support and Maintenance

Relevant Software offers you maintenance, update, and support services, so your customers remain satisfied, and you can react quickly to fast-changing market demands.

Core Document Management Software Features


Logical file structure

The key is to create a straightforward file system structure that users can easily adjust to. A tree-structured system, where each entry may be a file, a folder, or a subfolder, is the most suitable file structure for document management software.


Customizable tagging and naming

A good DMS allows tagging content and its owners so that the review process is automated and up-to-date. The document management software must support the present naming rules, as every firm has its own established ways of naming files.


Version control

There is nothing worse than losing track of different drafts of a document. Version control helps you back up and track your documents over time. It ensures effective collaboration between workers who work on the same file.


Collaborative editing

Good DMS allows multiple users to edit documents simultaneously. You have to be able to see who has access to the file and switch between modes of documents. While some files are open for everyone, others are available only to specific workers.



The cooperation with a big number of clients results in tons of documents that have to be stored and accessed as the need arises. Archiving data related to past projects allows not only to have references on hand but comply with industry regulations.


Automated document generation

The ability to generate files automatically is vital. You have to be able to create forms, contracts, and reports and check whether these files align with the standards. The feature helps simplify routine tasks and minimize human errors.



E-signature is an intuitive tool that allows your workers to sign documents in an electronic format legally. This function of DMS helps you speed up document processing, decrease the contract turnabout time, and enhance cooperation with your partners.


File type conversion

A document management software with a built-in document converter helps improve workflow efficiency within your company. Ideally, this function also includes batch conversions that allow converting many files in a few clicks.


Optical character reader

This is a critical feature for companies that still have to use paper-based documents. An optical character reader (OCR) allows you to scan printed, typed, and handwritten text so that you can convert it into a machine-readable format.

Our Tech Stack

We use technologies that allow us to create feature-rich document management systems to meet your business needs.

React.js and React Native
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud

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Client testimonials

Vahid Walker
Founder of Biderator

We needed skilled staff and no downtime, which is what they’ve delivered. Relevant Software’s flexibility with new ideas, reliability, and transparency add tremendous value to the collaboration, which is foreseen to continue.

Sondre Rennan Nesset
CEO at Sensor Innovation AS

They stayed within our budget and scope, and their deliverables met our expectations. Quality results to-date make re-engagement for further development likely. The project’s thorough discovery phase benefited Relevant Software’s successful execution.

Alexander Sagen
Head of Cloud & Web Software at Airthings AS

They delivered everything they said they would. I'm very happy with them. Relevant Software established a smooth process using agile methodology, while their responsiveness and personable approach contributed to the positive experience.

Paul Carse
CTO at Life Moments Ltd
United Kingdom

We needed a flexible, reliable partner that could turn our idea into reality, one who could quickly provide a team of experts that could design and build our product and infrastructure. Meeting with some of the Relevant team in London, we were impressed by their approach.

Christoph Renk
Founder & CEO of GommeHD.net

The reason we worked with Relevant Software is that they were very proactive about getting information from us. Other companies move slowly, but these guys move fast which is what we liked about them. Before we even kicked off the project, we would go into a lot of detail. That was quite impressive for us.

Ole Jørgen Næss
VP of Product and Engineering at Svenn

We had the challenge to find a trustworthy outsourcing company that we could rely on. Previous attempts ended badly and we needed to find a company that had the skills, good communication and was fair on price. We chose Relevant Software because we felt that they understood our business needs.

Balazs Wellisch
CEO at GameIQ

Relevant Software could adjust to our needs and provide the services that we needed in a way that they became part of our group very quickly. They were dedicated to the project and made sure every stage was made visible to the client.

Andriy Chemes
Co-founder at Radio Skovoroda

We were blown away by the team’s dedication and speed of work. We approached Relevant Software with the goal of creating one of the best online radio experiences in the world. I would say they have successfully achieved this goal.


What is a document management system?

Generally, the term document management stands for the administration, control, filing, and destruction of documents. Document management is often used as a synonym for the document management system, a software solution for database-supported document management. Modern document management systems or DMS offers numerous more far-reaching functions and opportunities than pure document management and is no longer limited to the management of digitized files but addresses all types of electronic documents.

What does document management software do?

Document management software has all functions that are required for the effective management of electronic documents. These usually include:

  • Receiving, creation, and processing of documents
  • Status and version management
  • Document storage with metadata and keywords
  • Distribution of files
  • Document search
  • E-signature
  • Document type conversion

The key goal of system-based document management is to provide you with the required information as quickly and conveniently as possible. This significantly increases your employee productivity and generally enhances the working processes within your organization. At the same time, DMS solutions ensure compliance with both internal and industry requirements.

What are the benefits of a document management system?

The ability to accelerate the entire company's workflow is a huge benefit of a document management system. Another big plus of having such a tool, and one of the most important to leverage, is that all documents are stored in one place and available anytime and from almost anywhere.

Also, DMS systems ensure that all your documents are up-to-date. If any of your forms or templates change, the system will immediately capture the changes and make them available to your workers. Additionally, document management systems allow archiving your documents and offer different security functions, for example, encryption of sensitive information.

Can you provide more specific examples of how DMS can improve the document workflow?

Yes, sure. The first example would be the better bandwidth that document management software can provide. As we all know, before activation, the documents often go through several points in the firm. If you deal with paper files, you are at risk of wasting time, for example, when some of your workers get ill, or the file is sent to the wrong address. DMS instead offers a smooth and consistent workflow as documents marked with follow-up dates, processing deadlines, and therefore can be forwarded to the responsible colleague's emails.

Another great thing about DMS is the ability to access the documents regardless of location and time. Let's imagine that you are on a train en route to a business meeting in another city, and you need to check something in an archived paper document. Typically, you will have to go to the archive and look for it - in other words, you can't do it while being on a train. But with DMS, you can access all data from any location and at any time via a web browser without installing additional software.

One more advantage of document management software is that it facilitates the distribution of documents, for example, mass email messages. Also, DMS makes it easier for businesses or entrepreneurs to provide documents for their tax advisors and tax office.

What are examples of document management systems?

There is a great number of document management systems for the various application scenarios. If you need a cloud solution for document management, one can recommend DocuWare. If you own a small or midsize company, Ascensio System OnlyOffice may be the right tool for you.

And if you aim at organizing document workflow at a creative business, you should turn your eyes to Hightail Business, which focuses on large files like videos. WorkDocs from Amazon is on board as a remarkably inexpensive software implemented exclusively as a cloud solution.

But remember, if you want to really leverage the full scope of the DMS system, you should opt for developing your own software as only custom DMS will meet all your business needs.

In our blog, you can read more about how to develop a document management system, particularly about document management software development costs.


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