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We develop software solutions that help generate revenue and accelerate business growth

How we work

We provide different types of engagement models that can be mixed or switched from one to another depending on the unique project requirements, client’s goals and preferences

Time & Material

is a type of contract when customer is billed for real hours worked by Relevant Software team on their specific project.

Usually, T&M model is used for:

  • Medium and long-term projects
  • Project with undefined scope
  • Keeping the possibility to change requirements
  • Controlling the progress of all the development stages

Fixed Price

contract is the model when we deliver the project within the strictly agreed budget, timeframe and project scope.

The model is usually considered for:

  • Short term projects with limited scope of work
  • Long term projects with clear and defined specification
  • Fixed budget projects
  • Decreasing the time for team management

Dedicated team

is a model when we provide software developers to a client based on a full time involvement in client’s project on long term basis. The contract sum includes developers’ salaries plus admonistrative fee.

This model is beneficial for:

  • Building long term strategic relationship between client and our company
  • Project doesn’t have clear requirements and scope can change frequently during the development process
  • Keeping the possibility to frequently change priorities and make rapid shifts from one task to another with no need to re-negotiate the terms

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