Automating business consulting processes

Client & product

TradeSherpa is an online assistant for companies entering the US market. They help clients create US entities, revamp existing subsidiaries, and handle logistics and networking for further expansion.

TradeSherpa is an automatic system that provides users with custom business roadmaps, expansion scenarios, to-do lists, how-to guides, and a way to contact relevant experts.


The previous version of TradeSherpa was built with Wordpress and we had to connect it to the web app made with Angular and Laravel. The content should be available to the app users depending on their subscription tier. The main feature of the platform is a dynamic questionnaire that tweaks questions based on previous answers.

Job done

We provided our client with full-cycle web product development. Our team started by engaging a business analyst to write documentation. After requirements were set, our team realized an intuitive interface. Before release, the project went through testing to ensure everything worked according to specifications.

Implemented features

Intelligent questionnaire

The questionnaire is dynamic and adjusts questions in accordance with answers.

Custom roadmap

A roadmap builder compares a given case against various prebuilt expansion scenarios and suggests steps on a timeline. The builder includes to-do lists, deadlines, and budget estimates.

Questionnaire management

TradeSherpa staff can adjust questionnaire algorithms and roadmap results.



After logging in, users are redirected from the WordPress site to the web app where they can access WordPress articles.


The open-source LimeSurvey allowed us to create intelligent questionnaires in a cost-effective way.


We successfully automated TradeSherpa workflows, and our client received a product that completely met their specifications. These are the advantages the TradeSherpa team highlights:

  • Customers can make better decisions, since TradeSherpa provides a detailed business expansion plan including milestones and the required budget and resources.
  • TradeSherpa staff has a lot more time and can work on improving the customer experience across the board instead of handling routine cases.

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